Agent X “Penultimatum-Fidelity” Review (Season 1, Episodes 9 and 10) [Series Finales]

Agent X

The new TNT series Agent X, sadly, came to an end last night with its two-hour series finale, which I’m sure is not what the people behind the show had hoped for when putting the show together.

But come a close it did – so let’s take a look at how the two final episodes played out.

In the first of the two hours, viewers got to see John reflecting back on what happened over the course of the show’s other eight episodes, specifically focusing on Pamela – the woman who he obviously loves.

It is because of Pamela – and the fact that John is not only doubting his mission as Agent X but also has lost faith in his mentor Malcolm – that he informed the Vice President that he would be leaving his position. The way this played out, though, almost made it seem like the powers that be behind the show inadvertently predicted their show’s own demise.

Back to Pamela…

Volker – aka Ray Marks (John’s predecessor as John Case aka Agent X) – took her captive in order to get John to work for him. But that all ended up backfiring on Volker because Malcolm – with an important assist from John’s long-thought dead dad (who was also a former John Case/Agent X himself) – were able to rescue Pamela.

If the show had continued, it would have been very interesting to see if John’s dad would have been featured in later episodes; and more importantly, if John would ever figure out his true identity. After all, they did meet that one time…and John is a smart man…he would have – eventually – figured it out.

I should also say that it was quite interesting to see John reunited with Olga – his one-time foe and alternating combat companion. They worked together to bring down Volker once and for all, especially in the last of the two-hour finale.

The final episode found John and Olga pretending to be two of Volker’s operatives, who went into a theatre in Paris where the President of the United States (and his wife), the Vice President and numerous other dignitaries were seeing a special presentation of the Nutcracker. Volker took them all captive – including the kids who were performing the legendary play/dance – with the intent of passing his own insane sort of judgment against them.

Thankfully, he was thwarted – FINALLY! – by John, who was – once again – fighting while wounded; but he hopefully would recover from his injuries – if only there were more episodes in which to find out the outcome, huh?

Even worse, we will never know the outcome of whether the President would heal from his own injuries, if John would continue to work as Agent X under the supervision of the Vice President and what would happen to Malcolm, who made an unlikely – albeit short – alliance with his arch nemesis, who in the final scene stated he would be torturing Malcolm for a year – much like the suffering he sustained because of a bomb that Malcolm placed in car many, many years ago.

For those of you who watched the action-adventure spy drama, what did you think of the show? What do you think would have happened if the show had been given a renewal order by TNT? Please share your thoughts below.