NCIS: LA “Cancel Christmas” Review (Season 7, Episode 11)

NCIS: LOS ANGELES Cancel Christmas

This was one of those episodes that began with numerous eye rolls. Just too much of the humor I despise. Jokes, jokes, jokes. Eric and Nell dancing. And then Deeks told Kensi about what truly happened with Boyle. After that, “Cancel Christmas” became a thoroughly enjoyable outing of NCIS:LA.

I’ll start with that first moment. Thank you writers for making that discussion between Deeks and Kensi happen now. I appreciate Kensi’s reaction even more. As I mentioned before, my gut was that Kensi would understand the reasoning behind Deeks’ actions; and she did. This was a storyline that could played for weeks on end and run into the ground with Deeks debating over spilling the beans. It’s a storyline that could have gone the route of being unnecessarily dramatic in how Kensi would process the news. In my opinion, both of those potential plot tropes needed to be avoided, and they were. Kensi’s acceptance comes from the fact that she most likely would have done the same thing. Deeks confiding in her as quickly as he did after the events of his LAPD investigation reinforces what I love about him as a character. He’s the open book of the team, something essential. More than that, I think he proved Hetty wrong in her assessment about secrets.** For Hetty, that is her approach. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

*I’m still not 100% sure about her comments: whether she was implying that Deeks just keep the information to himself or that he should break up with Kensi. Either way, the decision Deeks made was right for him and his character, something I admire the writers for tackling so quickly.

In fact, this episode was a hodgepodge of how people approach circumstances differently. Sam and Callen regarding relationships. Nell and Eric versus Granger in holiday enthusiasm. The different interrogation techniques of Callen and Granger of Jennifer Kim. All came together nicely in the back half of the hour, making me wish the opening half had been stronger. And like last week’s somber ending with Deeks, I appreciated the quiet moment between Hetty and Granger. It gave Miguel Ferrer material he is rarely allowed to play, adding more to the character we know the least about.**

**Hetty may be an enigma, but we’ve been privy to many snippets about her past.

More Thoughts As I Listen To Nat King Cole

– Elizabeth Bogush has an easy chemistry with Chris O’Donnell, and while I understand Callen’s reasoning regarding the relationship, it’d be nice to see Joelle pop up again in the future.

– I’ve stated many times I’m not an Eric and Nell fan. That being said, their conversation about cookies is one of the most natural moments to ever occur between them. More of those please. And while the dancing at the beginning of the episode made me cringe, I thought they looked adorable at the end (in what happened to be another nice moment for them with Granger).

– Granger and Jennifer Kim’s interaction begged for another scene. I’m not sure what I would have wanted that to consist of, but Ferrer and Malese Jow were one of the highlights for me. In hindsight though, I suppose it makes sense we weren’t privy to anything else. Kim’s mother abruptly left Granger’s life, and her daughter will do the same.

– Lenny Jacobson as Mike Hobbs is the kind of guest star I love to see. He had a wicked sense of comedic timing, and his sincerity was so well-played with Callen that I actually believed everything he said. Silly me, I know, but that’s how to approach a character who is a cheat. It makes the turn all the more surprising.