Children and The Walking Dead

Carl, Rick, Enid, Sam, Judith - The Walking Dead

Spoiler alert: In this article I mention things I have read online about characters, so if you do not want to read about possible motivations or alliances you might want to turn back now.

I am not going to mince words; the world of The Walking Dead is gruesome, unforgiving and downright brutal! The mere fact that there are children in it is almost inconceivable. Certainly, if there were not adults present that were willing to give their lives to protect them, there would be no children left alive.

And, of course, we have lost a number of children over the course of the show’s 5.5 seasons. In fact we saw our first child Walker, Summer, in the episode “Days Gone By;” the very first episode of the show. Since that time we lost Carol’s daughter Sofia, the sisters Myka and Lizzie, Patrick at the prison plus numerous other unnamed children.

Here is the basic problem with children in an apocalyptic world – they tend to do childlike things; such as wandering off, or not listening to what they are told to do. This is the nature of children; it is just who they are. Their sweet innocence leads to totally unpredictable behavior that easily leads to death in a world such as in The Walking Dead.

Now, of course adults do dumb things too. We certainly should know better, but that does not stop someone from acting erratically in the face of impending death – I’m looking at you, Nicholas! In fact, an adult who is aware of the dangers could actually be more of a liability in some situations than a child who has not yet learned enough about the world to be afraid.

Still, the children on The Walking Dead need to grow up fast or face their demise. That said; let’s look at the children currently on the show.


Carl - The Walking Dead

We have literally watched Carl grow up on this show. He started out a young, fresh faced innocent boy, and is now on the verge of manhood. While he does not always show the maturity necessary to survive in this world, he does a better job than the other children on the show!

Carl fully understands the dangers of this world, and will do whatever it takes to keep the group safe. He has at times taken this protective instinct a bit too far, but considering the horrors he has seen since he was a young boy, he has done remarkably well in not taking the train to crazy town like Lizzie did.


Enid - The Walking Dead

Enid is still a mystery in many ways. Fans speculate as to whether or not she works for the Wolves, and now we also have to wonder if she possibly works for Negan and the Saviors. Regardless, it is clear that she is a survivor. She knows how to fight, but even more important she knows how to escape and hide.

I look forward to finding out more about what she actually is doing, and I hope it is just not being an annoying teenager. Of course, maybe that is all there is to her behavior, but if true, that would be a bit of a disappointment, don’t you think?


Judith and Rick - The Walking Dead

Our resident baby, we have been there from the moment of her birth, when Maggie had to cut her out of Lori’s belly and Carl had to make sure the dead Lori would not turn. Not the most auspicious beginning, but then this is the new world order during a zombie apocalypse.

As babies go, Judith is pretty mellow. If she had been colicky, for instance, our group would all be dead, because her constant crying would have been a walker magnet. As it is, I was totally amazed that she was ok with having a foul smelling cloth put over her head as big brother Carl carried her during their escape from the house in the mid-season finale, “Start to Finish.”


Sam - The Walking Dead

Sam is Jessie’s youngest son. Over the course of his life, he has probably witnessed his mother being abused and been abused himself by his father. Now, in a place where he felt relatively safe and was insulated from the horrors outside the walls of Alexandria, his world has been turned upside down after the Wolves attacked. He and his mom hid in his closet, but his mom left him there to warn Ron about the attack.

In the aftermath of the Wolf attack, he retreats into himself and refuses to come downstairs, and honestly, after what he saw, can anyone blame him? I know some fans have been critical of his behavior, especially his speaking as they try to get away in the mid-season finale. However, as a mother myself, if it had been me in Jessie’s place, Sam would have been under the cloth I was wearing similarly to Judith with Carl. She knew how scared he was, so how did they expect anything different?


Ron - The Walking Dead

Ron is Jessie’s oldest son and Sam’s older brother. He also likely witnessed the abuse of his mom and was abused by his dad. His world was upended when his dad was killed by Rick and he witnessed his mother stab a Wolf to death in their kitchen. These are two major traumas close together.

Ron has hostile feelings for Rick and Carl. He is angry with Rick for shooting his dad, despite the fact of the abuse and Pete’s having killed Reg. He also is angry and jealous of Carl – the two of them apparently interested in Enid. As a result of his anger, he has now become a loose cannon, trying to kill Carl. Perhaps not the best time for his hormones to kick in, but he can’t exactly control them!


What are your feelings about the characters that are children currently on The Walking Dead? Is there any hope for them surviving? Will their actions cause any deaths? Please let me know in the comments section below!