The Good Wife “KSR” Review (Season 7 Episode 10)


The Good Wife returned from its brief hiatus with…what appeared to be an ad for the iPhone. This show is known for its theatrics and some fancy camerawork and artsy opening sequences, and “KSR” was no different, as we opened on a bunch of iPhone 6 Pluses abandoned on a conference room table in the offices of Lockhart, Agos, & Lee. It wasn’t entirely surprising that those Ivy League turds tried to turn on their employers, but you really did feel bad for Cary because he was coming out of this looking a lot worse as their main defender all this time.

Losing all of those employees caused Diane to scramble into hiring Monica, which I still really don’t buy. Isn’t there like, a ton of young and smart lawyers who’d love to work for her firm? Wouldn’t they have tons of people to call? Why are they so desperate to hire the girl who tried to sue them for discrimination? She wasn’t even all that helpful with the Chumhum case last time. She mostly just referred them the business and argued with Cary about race.

The crappy Ivy League bros and the silly hiring did kinda sour me on this storyline, but man was it worth it for that awesome final scene! Not only was that trick that Cary pulled beautiful, but that passionate high five between him and Diane was awesome. It’s a little strange with these folks still having nothing to do with Alicia, though. I thought that maybe Grace’s cold calls resulting in Alicia stealing some of their clients would have put Alicia back on their radar, but it hasn’t happened yet. I guess we’ll see.

Speaking of Alicia, it looks like Schakowsky has moved up the food chain to a main circuit judge, so now she has to deal with him on the big cases as well! Not much really came of this case, except Schakowsky’s big swing from hating Alicia to vacating the jury’s findings in support of her. I love Christopher McDonald as Schakowsky, and I love this not-quite-legit relationship that he has with Alicia, so I hope to see more of this in the future.

Another big issue arising from the case was the sudden departure of Jason. Courtney was told about Jason by Ruth, and she quickly bribes him to get out of town for a couple months. This doesn’t ring true to me for either of their characters, though. I had hoped that Courtney would have been smarter and more trusting of Alicia to refrain from buying out Jason at the drop of a hat like that. I also would have expected Jason to not leave Alicia high and dry just for a high paying job. He already turned down a higher paying position from Diane because he clearly had feelings for Alicia, so it’s odd to see him take this job. It must have been too much money to pass up, but he’s even said himself that money isn’t everything.

The most surprising romance of the episode is the one between Courtney and Eli, which was still super weird to see. We’ve never seen Eli so happy and romantic on this show, so I guess that’s why it hit him so hard when Courtney said she was leaving. We’ve seen a much more raw and emotional Eli so far this season, and this was probably the most emotional we’ve ever seen him. He was apparently so emotional that he even told Alicia about Will’s voicemail from way back in season two!

Holy crap, what a payoff! That voicemail has just fallen by the wayside after being ignored for so many years, so I never thought that Eli would ever come clean about that. This scene was played so wonderfully by both Margulies and Cumming, and I do wonder what long term effects that reveal will have on one of the longest lasting friendships on this series. I can’t wait to see more!

Random Thoughts:

– Some of those jury members were really overacting tonight!

– Man, nobody in this episode said gave any damns! Alicia, Cary, and Eli all said that they didn’t give a damn about something.

– So is Jeffrey Dean Morgan just leaving the show for a bit so he can shoot his appearance on The Walking Dead? Or is it for a different movie or show?