The Originals “Savior” Review (Season 3 Episode 9)


Man, CW, you are killing me with these winter finales! On “The Originals,” just when you thought it couldn’t get bleaker than (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen “The Vampire Diaries” finale) both Stefan and Damon being stabbed and stranded in a hell-world, this show gives us the happiest Christmas gathering of the cast ever (albeit after a lot of drama), then gives us the moment many of us have been waiting for since virtually the beginning of the show, only to drive the knife in, right in its final moments. Literally. Twice, no less.

Okay, granted, one of those was only temporary, no doubt while Claire Holt goes off to shoot season two of “Aquarius,” but still. Oh, “The Originals,” first you giveth, then you taketh away. For shame. Man, what a heartbreaker. None of this can possibly end well. Oh well. At least we got to see Klaus smile for once, and a big, beaming one at that. Who says Christmas miracles never happen?

We started promisingly enough, as Elijah successfully retrieved and revived Rebekah from her ocean tomb by hiring a team to bring her back, which he promptly killed in full after they tried to betray him, then opened up her coffin and pulled out the dagger, instantly bringing her back to “life.”


Alas, this reunion was short-lived, as no sooner had they gotten back home to the Mikaelson compound when a mark appeared on her arm, which proved to be the mark of the “Ripper,” which “TVD” fans will recognize as the condition that affects both Stefan and his mother, Lily, who go full-on psycho-murderer if they turn off their humanity.

Only here, Rebekah didn’t have much of a choice, as, like it or not, the “Ripper” thing came upon her whether she tried to fight it or not- and it was only going to get worse as time went by. Freya went into breakneck witch mode to try and help her, but had been poisoned earlier on in an attack commissioned by Tristan in order to re-obtain the medallion Freya had gotten from Lucien.


This slowed her down considerably, giving the “Ripper” curse time to get worse, resulting in an admittedly bad-ass showdown between Rebekah and Hayley after she said some pretty nasty stuff to her, none of which was technically entirely untrue, I might add. We damn near lost Hayley in the process, as Rebekah was this close to ripping out her heart, but Klaus manages to save her just in the nick of time.

With an assist from Finn, Freya figures out the spell that’s eluding her in her weakened state, and the mark is removed from Rebekah’s arm before she can flip out again. Or is it? Unfortunately, it returns and Rebekah knows it’s only a matter of time before she goes from 0-60 again, so she demands Elijah dagger her again and put her in a safe place until such time her condition can be remedied in earnest again. Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess. At least Elijah knows where she’ll be once they figure out how to fix things.

The Originals 1

On the plus side, she did get to see a rare sight indeed beforehand, when all concerned- the present Mikaelsons, plus Hayley, Jackson and baby Hope- gathered around the Christmas tree and celebrated the holiday for one brief, shining moment, complete with the aforementioned Klaus grin, which was pretty glorious, I must say. Whoever thought we’d ever see the day? Oh, but it got better before it got worse, as Klaus finally made the move we’ve been waiting several seasons for and made a genuine play for Camille, ending up in bed with her at the end of the night.

But before you could say all’s well that ends well, Rebekah notwithstanding, he wakes up to find poor Cami with her throat slit, while across town Aurora does some smiling of her own. No! Well, she better smile while she can because if you think a woman scorned is bad, good luck dealing with an enraged, betrayed Klaus. It’ll be a miracle in and of itself if she survives even an episode when the show returns in January.

Might Klaus turn Cami, I wonder? Can he at this juncture? I want to say it’s possible, but I’m not entirely sure. Maybe some of you know the answer to that one. I want to say that they did it with both Caroline and Elena on “Vampire Diaries,” so why not here?

Better that than the alternative, which is Cami just being dead and that’s that. I can’t imagine Klaus letting that stand under the best of circumstances and these are anything but. Here’s hoping we get a vamped-out Cami to ring in the New Year because it would suck if that was the end for her, after all she’s been through.


On other fronts, Tristan had lined up the son of the witch that Davina killed as her successor as Regent of the Covens, but Marcel goaded Vincent into stopping that noise, so that Tristan and the Strix didn’t have too much pull going for them. Instead, Vincent took over in the position. But did Marcel push him too far?

It would certainly seem that way, as Vincent vowed to take down the Originals and all vampires in general. But then Tristan stepped in with the threat of letting loose Vincent’s worst foe, Finn, having nabbed the necklace he was trapped in on the sly from Freya during all the commotion, so it looks like Tristan got his witch on the inside in the end after all.

In addition, helping seal the deal with Cami, Klaus accompanied her to Detective Kinney’s, where, as per Lucien’s compulsion, he was cowering in his house, scared of his own shadow and seriously contemplating suicide. So, Klaus compelled Kinney to essentially remove the spell, telling him to go home for the holidays, upon which he would start feeling better day by day, and ultimately return to his job as a detective, now secure in the knowledge that he was capable of making a difference.

The Originals 2

I honestly don’t think it was a calculated move on Klaus’ part- I really think he was trying to do the right thing, even if it was more for Cami than Kinney. No doubt about it, he’s truly grown since we first met him way back when on “TVD.” The old Klaus would have never done such a thing, that’s for sure. I just worry that this new and improved Klaus may well be short-lived, given how the episode ended.

Also making an improvement to his overall demeanor was Jackson, who spotted a bunch of guys following Freya, and despite his gripes about Hayley constantly sticking her neck out for the Mikaelsons, nonetheless rose to the occasion and saved her, albeit not before they could poison her and steal the medallion, as aforementioned.

Still, he did get to decapitate one of them with an axe, which was pretty awesome, so there’s that. What’s more, it definitely brought him and Hayley back together, as he realized that you can’t pick and choose which members of your family you help out when it all was said and done.

Or you can, but not if you want to be a family in the truest sense, at least. In coming to Freya’s aid willingly, he finally realized that Hayley’s extended family was his as well, not just the wolves. This even resulted in a rare thank you from Klaus later on, for Jackson’s part in helping save Freya not just once, but twice, after the whole poison thing took hold and he had to drive a needle full of antidote into her chest, “Pulp Fiction”-style.


That was about it for Santa Klaus and the Mikaelson Elves for the night, however, as daybreak brought all manners of heartbreak and heartache for all concerned, or it would once all was revealed to everyone. That is, if they even share with one another the various developments that went on. It would be just like the Mikaelsons for Elijah to hid what went down with Rebekah, Freya to lie about the Finn thing, and Klaus to keep Cami’s death a secret, at least in the short-term. These things are bound to come out sooner or later.

All in all, it was a fantastic episode, with lots of banner moments, cool action and great twists. I, for one, can’t wait until the show returns, even if the new time slot on Fridays isn’t exactly encouraging. But you never know. Maybe the move will do the show good. Here’s hoping, because, despite my reservations about its sister show, “The Vampire Diaries,” I still think “The Originals” has a lot to offer. Actually, to be fair, the “TVD” finale was pretty good as well, if not as good overall as this one.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Were you happy with the various developments? Do you think Elijah will find a cure for Rebekah for real? Will Freya be able to get Finn back from Tristan? Will Klaus be able to save Cami? What will Tristan’s next move be? How long before Klaus tears Aurora to pieces? Make your predictions below and see you next year for the big Friday debut!