The Amazing Race “We Got a Chance, Baby” Review (Season 27 Episode 13)

THE AMAZING RACE We Got A Chance, Baby!

Good news, everybody! This season of The Amazing Race is finally over! This has been one of the most frustrating seasons in recent memory, with some of the dumbest and most clueless teams in Race history, so I was most excited for “We Got a Chance, Baby” to put an end to my misery.

The teams are all told that they would be flying to New York City all on the same flight, and I was glad that they were all on an equal playing field going in to the final leg. Of course, being in NYC during the FDNY’s 150th anniversary, you knew they had to do a challenge based on them. It was a little lame how everybody’s hand was held basically through the entire challenge. I get that there was some real danger involved and all, but it came off feeling kinda contrived and forced. Especially stuff like “Pick up this hose! – Run a few yards! – Ok, now drop it!”

It was also a little weird that they were given their memory challenge during the Road Block. Usually this is something they save for the end of the final leg for both of the team members to work on together, but thankfully it wasn’t that hard so it didn’t hang anybody up for that long. It also looked like you could easily just switch a hat and ask the guy if you were right

After the Road Block we were treated to the Great Cab Controversy of 2015, with Justin and Diana not paying their cabbie to stay, then scaring away Team Paparazzi’s cab, leaving only the newscasters with a cab waiting for them. I’m not quite sure exactly what the rules are when it comes to cabs. Logan seemed convinced that it was totally fine for them to take the other team’s cab, but Kelsey kept yelling out that they hadn’t even paid him yet. From what I can remember from previous seasons, I do believe that you MUST pay off your cabbie or else you incur a penalty, so I thought that they were in the right here. You have to feel bad for Team Paparazzi (as difficult as that may be), because they weren’t cheap with their cabbie and they still lost him. I do wonder what the rules are in terms of asking somebody for a cab, though. Why couldn’t they just ask a passerby to call up a cab service on their cell phone and have somebody out there in a few minutes? That must be a no-no, but I wish that we were told that because I was yelling at the screen.

I don’t really know how much time the two cab-less teams really lost, though, considering they all appeared to be on the water at the same time during the lobster/flag challenge. The only team that seemed to have any kind of trouble with the flags was Team Paparazzi, naturally, who were then out of the running for the rest of the leg.

I have to say that it was hilariously appropriate that the final challenge to this underwhelming season of The Amazing Race ended with…building adirondack chairs. Wow. So apparently the newscasters were just good enough at building chairs to keep the Green Team behind them, and they ended up winning this season of The Amazing Race! Always the bridesmaid and now finally the bride! I’m so glad that they finally got a first right when it counted, and after the producers tried so hard to villainize the Green Team we actually got to see them lose in the most heartbreaking way possible. I’m sure the Green Team will make it back to an All Stars season or something, so I guess we’ll see them again soon.

What did you guys think of the episode? What about the season in general? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I like how they just put duct tape on the name on the back of the firefighter outfits. Did they just borrow a real firefighter’s uniform and not spring for new ones for the racers?

– There was lots of forms of different forms of transportation tonight! Cabs, buses, helicopters, seadoos, and dune buggies!

– How great was it that Joey wore that giant chain during his final interview with Phil? Wonderful.

– Again, I have to be the guy to point out the fact that they didn’t really go all the way around the world. They started in California and went west and ended in New York. You still have to go back to California!

– I wanted somebody to explain to the Paparazzis that the newscasters didn’t actually take their cab!