The Flash “Running to Stand Still” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

The Flash really is the ultimate comic book show. Seriously, “Running to Stand Still” had delightfully cartoonish villains, big emotional moments, and an undeniably fun atmosphere. It was a great way to end out the first half of the season, even if it wasn’t the most bombastic midseason finale ever.

I’ve been vocal about my disappointment with the Francine story arc, but that’s never been a result of the performances from Jesse L. Martin or Candice Patton. The two have done a great job of selling the torment having Francine return to their lives has caused. This episode was their best showcase yet, as it was impossible not to feel the heartache when Iris was confessing to Barry, or when Joe was beating himself for not knowing he had a son. With all the big superheroing going on, they were able to give the episode its emotional heart.

That’s not to sell the superhero action short, because this was an absolute blast as far as the supervillain threat went. Mark Hamill brought the Joker harder than ever to his return as the Trickster, while Captain Cold was as delightfully despicable as he always is, once again choosing the heroic path and warning Barry about the threat coming his way.

The real physical threat this week of course came from Weather Wizard, who has not only gotten better with his powers, but finally got to wield his signature sonic screwdr—er, weather wand as he traded blows with the Flash. Really, it was just a delightfully comic book storyline that this show pulls off so well, to the point that the technobabble explanation for how they got rid of the bombs didn’t even bother me. Well, not much anyway.

Honestly, the biggest issue for me was the Patty arc, which was once again the perfect time for Barry to tell her his secret. Instead, he let her wander down the warpath and was only barely able to stop her from killing Weather Wizard. It’s frustrating to see Barry so reserved around the person he cares so much about, to the point that Wells’ prophecy that he’ll never truly be happy is starting to seem self-fulfilling.

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