Survivor “Villains Have More Fun” Review (Season 31 Episode 13)

SURVIVOR Villains Have More Fun

We’re only one week out from the finale for this great season of Survivor, and with Joe out of the way it really feels like anybody’s game. Joe really had to win every single immunity challenge for the rest of the season if he was going to have any way to stick around and win, but he’s out now and everybody was very gloaty and proud of themselves at the beginning of “Villains Have More Fun”. I’m not sure why everybody was so dang proud and haughty when they returned, with Abi even declaring that “payback’s a b****”. Joe seemed like a super nice guy, just about universally liked, and an incredibly strong player in challenges. The only reason he was voted out is because he was such a big threat, so voting him out and retroactively acting like he was a jerk is kind of a bummer.

Anyway, Joe was the past and we’re in the present! The reward challenge is the rope untangling/bridge building/bean bag throwing challenge from only two seasons ago. Two seasons! We seem to borrowing challenges quite a bit from just the last few seasons, and I kinda wish we had more challenges from earlier seasons. Remember that great quiz challenge in the dark a couple episodes ago? That was great! More of those!

Thankfully the reward itself was beautiful, and really well done. I’m thankful every time Survivor rolls around that they made the switch to HD a few years ago, because it’s for scenes like this when it really pays off. Those shots of the temple were breathtaking, the dance was beautiful, and those dancers weren’t too shabby either! The whole outing was done really well, and I wish that more of the rewards involved these cultural experiences.

The immunity challenge was a HUGE improvement over the lackluster reward, which involved a bunch of running and jumping over stuff floating in the water. I always like when the players get to do stuff in the ocean, but apparently Tasha disagreed. I knew from previous challenges that she’s not a strong swimmer, but man she really had a panic attack out there! It didn’t look like those buoys were that far away from the raft, but apparently it was more of a “mind over matter” thing. This also marked the second time, after Joe just last week, where medical was called out to assess a contestant and they didn’t recommend they go home. That rarely happens, so it’s crazy for it to happen two times in just as many episodes.

By the way, how hilarious was it how easy that puzzle was? That had to be the record for fastest solve ever, right?

In a season that’s contained several incredible tribal councils, this one will definitely go down as the most irritating one. If somebody said “We”, “Wees”, or “My Wees” one more time then I was going to lose my dang mind. I was also a little surprised that the person sent home was so clearly foreshadowed throughout the whole episode. Just about everybody was talking about getting rid of her, and all of her interviews were all about how she was going to stick around to the end. You could see her exit coming a mile away. At least we were able to thin the herd a bit and get rid of somebody who really had no chance at winning anyway, and how great was it that Abi says in her exit interview that she “doesn’t have to be with those crazy people anymore”. Never change, Abi!

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Random Thoughts:

– I really want to know if Abi is always this crazy. Maybe in her day-to-day life she’s a totally normal person, because I just can’t believe that somebody who is this nuts can even function in the real world.

– I’m so glad that the puzzle got a second chance. Good job, buddy! You’re the little puzzle that could!

– I talked above about the Survivor making the change to HD a few years ago, and I just looked it up and found it was actually way back in season 17! In my mind it was just a couple years ago, but it’s been seven years!