Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Maveth” Review (Season 3 Episode 10)

Agents of SHIELD  Maveth

I feel like this first half of the season went by pretty quick, as we’ve already arrived at the winter finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. In the first ten episodes we’ve introduced a totally new government agency, introduced and killed off a love interest for Coulson, and renewed Hydra as the big bad for the series. It’s a little hard to feel like the introduction of ATCU and Rosalind was a bit of a waste considering we’re right back to where we started with the big bad of Hydra already reinstated. There might have been some running in place to get us to this point, but here we are with “Maveth”, as a bunch of our team is stranded on the Blue Planet and the rest of the crew is having fun stormin’ the castle.

Anyway, the crew being on the Blue Planet had its high points and low points for me. Ward and his men, along with Fitz, see some kind of huge Hydra shrine that was apparently built a long time ago to this evil being. This apparently had some kind of huge impact on Ward, although I wasn’t quite sure why. I didn’t get what he was talking about with all of that “I have a purpose now” crap, and I agreed with Coulson when he said “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. That didn’t make much sense to me, and then Ward “dies” (more on that later) without really explaining himself. He promised Coulson that he’d see what he was talking about. Weird.

I also don’t know why Coulson didn’t just kill Ward as soon as he saw him. Fitz and Will were going to a totally different location, right? So Ward had no idea how to get there as well. Why did Coulson feel like he needed to keep him around when you just know he’s going to try to kill you eventually. With that portal opening, and Ward lying there bleeding, I totally thought that Coulson was going to take pity on him and leave him on that desolate planet to die. Then I thought we were going to have the possibility of Ward returning in a future season if he caught a ride on a portal. That didn’t appear to be the case, though, as Coulson crushed Grant’s heart and seemingly ended his life. This was definitely notable, as it is when any show kills off a main character three seasons in like this, but I knew that with this being the Marvel Universe that I shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they hatch. I was ready for Grant to go, though. Ward had run his course on the series, and there was no way that they could have let him live considering all of the terrible things he’s done. I’m glad that Coulson went through with his vengeance, but he didn’t do it in a cruel or spiteful way. He put Ward down (or so he thought) with the right mix of finality and somberness. Even after all Ward had done to him, he still had a level of respect, which was very Coulsony of him.

I also did like seeing Fitz and “Will” bonding, even though it ended up not being Will at all. It still showed maturity for Fitz to rise above the situation and be able to appreciate Will for what he did for Simmons. It was a great touch to see Fitz comforting Simmons when he returned, and it was great for Simmons to be so understanding that Fitz tried his best. I just hope she’s not going to pull that annoying TV trope of blaming somebody for “letting” somebody die, and know that Fitz loves her enough to make her happy and bring back the man she fell in love with. Also, Will died a long time ago saving her, which really is the best memory she could have of him.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, It was nice to see Joey in the field with the rest of the group. He brings a nice amount of humor and optimism to the field that is sorely lacking with all of those other sourpusses. It’s basically just him and Hunter on the humor front. How great was Hunter tonight? Waving to make sure it was them on that heat sensor, and then saying “you’re welcome” to Mac and Bobbi, was hilarious.

Speaking of Mac, I’m getting super annoyed with people in the MCU saying stuff like what he said tonight. “Just listen to yourselves” or “I don’t believe that” is becoming increasingly stupid of a thing to say on shows like this. After all of the stuff you’ve seen on this show, and after confirmation that there is a portal that transports people to a distant planet, it’s too much of a stretch for him to believe there’s an ancient god there as well? You know all about Inhumans, aliens attacking New York, and all of the rest of crazy stuff SHIELD has dealt with, so open your mind! People do this a lot on Netflix’s Jessica Jones as well, but at least on that show they don’t work for a top secret organization that freakin’ deals with aliens and mutants on the daily.

So then we get to the big post-credits sequence, as we find out that (Sigh) Grant Ward is still alive and will still be the big villain going forward. Now it looks like he’s no longer going to be a lackey for Malick, but the full blown supervillain with some manner of evil powers. I’m not quite sure I buy Ward being back already. They could have at least given us more than five minutes of belief that he was gone, and maybe he comes back a little later. How did he get out of the planet? If he came back with Coulson and Fitz then the rest of the group would have seen him, right? The only other logical explanation was that he took another portal, but that being had been trapped on that planet for centuries and hadn’t found a way out yet, so it seems far fetched that he was able to do that so quickly. I’m also a bit surprised that Ward’s body was a worthy vessel for this monster. It couldn’t stay in Will’s body after he was burned, but apparently it’s OK if Ward’s chest cavity is crushed? There’s definitely a lot of questions to be answered, and they better be answered pretty darn well for this to not come off as a cop out. They had a great opportunity to close out Ward’s story, and they chose yet again to keep him around.

What did you guys think of the episode? Did you enjoy this half of the season? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I really like the blue planet scenes and all, but my TV looks like garbage during those sequences. I couldn’t even tell what Fitz saw on Fake Will’s leg that freaked him out.

– I’ve never kept hostages myself or anything, but I’m not sure why Ward was allowing Fitz and Will to walk next to each other alone like that. It sure gave them plenty of time to scheme and plan together.

– So does this portal just dump people off at the same point every time? If not, it seems pretty darn convenient that everybody gets teleported within walking distance of Will’s hiding place.