‘Doctor Who’ (Season 9): Forgetting Your Past

Doctor Who

The final two episodes of the 9th season of Doctor Who aired over the last two weekends on BBC America, giving fans the climatic two-part ending that found the Doctor in his own kind of personal hell, regenerating (so to speak) for billions of years, ending up in Gallifrey; and then rescuing Clara from that fateful night when the raven took her life in that shadow world of London that was overseen by Ashildr before the Doctor lost his memory of Clara.

How many of you immediately harkened back to what happened to Donna when the Doctor – then portrayed by David Tennant – was forced to erase her memory in order to save her life?

It was quite interesting to learn that the Doctor lost his memory of Clara rather than Clara’s memory of the Doctor being erased? Don’t you think? And, how about Clara – to an extent – seeming to step into the Doctor’s shoes, setting off in that stark white TARDIS (that paid a wonderful homage to the inside of the very first Doctor’s TARDIS I might add) with Ashildr as “the companion,” which was what she always wanted, albeit with the Doctor by her side, inside that twirling diner.

How strange to now have the swirling police box with the Doctor inside and the swirling diner with Clara and Ashildr inside, right? It’s not like the universe isn’t large enough for two swirling TARDIS’s, right? But now that the Doctor saw the artwork of Clara’s face on the outside of his TARDIS after meeting Clara the waitress, do you think he will start to put two and two together or will his memory involving Clara continue to be completely empty?

And, what kind of trouble do you think Clara and Ashildr will get into on their own? Or will we even see them again? I can’t imagine that the swirling diner would be introduced without plans to revisit it at some point in the next season.

In the meantime, the Doctor is without a companion – at least until we see him back together with his wife – the one and only River Song (Alex Kingston) – in the Christmas episode. But again, will we see a new companion introduced in season 10 or will the Doctor travel alone for a while? Will River stick around to travel with him? Or will the Doctor be – somehow – reunited Clara and Ashildr in the new season that will be back at some point next year.

What are your thoughts on the final two episodes of ‘Doctor Who’? Were you able to follow all the action that took place in the “Heaven Sent” episode last week? And, what are your thoughts on how the “Hell Bent” episode from last night turned? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

And remember that while the Christmas episode of ‘Doctor Who’ has yet to receive an actual airdate by BBC America, it will, more than likely, air on Christmas Day.