The Originals “The Other Girl in New Orleans” Review (Season 3 Episode 8)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” things came to a head in the search for Rebekah’s body’s secret location, as both Aurora and the Strix took matters into their own hands in order to facilitate the return of a kidnapped Tristan from the Mikaelsons, in “The Other Girl in New Orleans.” But would either end succeed? Or would someone die trying?

We began with Aurora subduing a wily Camille after she tried to escape her and taking her to a local boxing training gym, where she took out a bunch of burly dudes one by one, after giving them her blood, in order to turn them all into vampires. She informed Cami that, if she didn’t get her brother back, once they woke up, Cami would have her hands full, as they would be thirsty and ready to feed- and Cami would be the only meal in sight, as Aurora locked them all inside together. Fun!

Meanwhile, Lucien found a message from Aurora on a security video of his place as he and Klaus frantically looked for clues as to where Cami might have gone. It said to meet her at Jackson Square, but Lucien warned Klaus it was almost certainly a trap. Naturally, Klaus ignored this and they went anyway, eventually finding a message hidden in a painting Klaus recognized as symbolic of his and Aurora’s relationship that directed them to a specific location.


While waiting for Klaus’ arrival, Aurora quizzed Cami about the nature of her relationship with Klaus, as well as her own general background. Aurora, as it turned out, had done her research on Cami, and realized that both had their fair share of troubled pasts, i.e. Aurora being institutionalized and tormented by her brother time and again, while Cami had to contend with a murderous brother who had killed a host of innocents, albeit not of his own volition.

We also discovered some juicy details about Cami’s past, as it turned out that she’d once been to jail for assaulting the boyfriend of her former roommate, after he beat her. Disturbed that she’d actually enjoyed pummeling the creep, it was the incident that directly led her to take up the study of psychiatry, as she was as interested in exploring her own dark impulses alongside other people’s.

Aurora astutely realized that it was the darkness inside Cami that led her fascination with Klaus. It was why she’d given Klaus so much leeway, despite all the terrible things he’d done: she recognized the same darkness within him that she saw in herself. Needless to say, Aurora, though well aware that their relationship was essentially platonic- Cami and Klaus have never technically been romantically involved, as of yet- was nonetheless insanely jealous of Cami, with an emphasis on the insane part. Hence the plan to eliminate the competition.

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Back at Mikaelson headquarters, Elijah and Freya tortured Tristan in an attempt to get his side of the coordinates of Rebekah’s location, but he wasn’t budging, so they brought in the heavy ammo- Hayley, who bit Tristan repeatedly. Now infected with a werewolf bite, Tristan would only continue to suffer if he didn’t tell them what they wanted to know, in exchange for the antidote.

In an attempt to get Tristan back, The Strix, via Aya, pay a visit to Marcel. Pointing out that she knew what Marcel had done with Davina behind their backs- you’ll recall his part in getting Davina banished from her coven, thus rendering her useless to the Strix’s nefarious plans in the process- she said that Marcel owed them. Presenting Marcel with a white oak stake, she informed him he was to use it on Elijah and get back Tristan by any means necessary. If he didn’t succeed by that evening, then the Strix would eliminate him- permanently.

Marcel goes to Elijah, and attempts to talk him into the two working together. If Elijah allows Marcel to stake him, then he can take Tristan back to the Strix as evidence that he was on their side for real this time, which would only serve to deeper embed him within their ranks, which would in turn give him an opportunity to research exactly where Rebekah was so that they could rescue her.

Given that Elijah and company weren’t getting anywhere with their approach, it wasn’t a bad idea, but Elijah turned Marcel down flat, nonetheless. Left with no choice, Marcel sent in the Strix troops that Aya had provided him with and they laid into the Mikaelsons, with Aya staking Freya and Marcel staking Elijah in the process, though all concerned, including a last minute assist from Hayley, put up a good fight.

Marcel, however, is true to his word, and saves Hayley while giving his blood to Freya to heal, informing her of what he was up to and telling her to do her best to smooth things over when Elijah awoke. Meanwhile, Aya takes off with Tristan in tow, mission accomplished. All is not completely lost, as, just before the attack, Elijah got a glimpse of a mysterious word, which would later prove potentially helpful in locating Rebekah.


Back at the gym, the boxers slowly begin to wake up and descend on Cami, much to her dismay, but Klaus is hot on her heels and rescues her. However, Aurora isn’t having it and demands Klaus sacrifice Cami to prove his love and devotion to her alone. Needless to say, Klaus isn’t onboard with that idea and instead informs Aurora that he doesn’t love her at all and she means nothing to him.

Temporarily taken aback and vulnerable from the calculated revelation, Aurora lets her guard down, which allows Klaus a glimpse inside her mind, which reveals her end of the coordinates of Rebecca’s location. Aurora, completely devastated, collapses, as Klaus hugs Cami and they leave together.

Upon awakening, Elijah isn’t amused to have been staked, but Freya and Hayley make a case for Marcel, pointing out that none of them were really hurt and that Marcel could have easily let that happen, but didn’t because he was clearly still on their side. Elijah is dubious, but at the same time, has gotten just enough info to make some progress on finding Rebekah, so he lets the matter slide for the time being.

Sure enough, though, Marcel’s ploy worked, and though Aya is still a bit wary of him, Tristan vouches for him and allows Marcel to come back to the Strix compound, after Marcel points out that he’ll be vulnerable to a counterattack from the Mikaelsons alone, and will thus be useless to them if he’s killed. Marcel gives him Klaus’ blood to heal from his werewolf wounds and they’re off, where Marcel late discovers the meaning of the mysterious word Elijah discovered- it’s the name of a ship.

Using Klaus’ side of the coordinates, along with the name of the ship, Elijah is confident that they will be able to locate Rebekah by simply finding a ship that traveled along that particular coordinate at the time of Rebekah’s disappearance. Once they get her back, then the Originals will be free to kill Tristan and Aurora at will, with a still-furious Klaus calling dibs on Aurora.

As a destitute Aurora goes to Lucien for comfort and Cami recovers from her several day ordeal by passing out at Klaus’ side, we end the show with Freya summoning Finn (a returning Casper Zafer), after Tristan dropped a hint about how Freya didn’t know the whole story about her siblings. Claiming that he and Finn were once allies against them, and that Finn was an honorable man, he suggested that Freya communicate with Finn herself to get the real story, and it is with Finn’s return that we leave the show.


So, all in all, a pretty enjoyable episode, with some great action, especially in the Strix siege, which came complete with various beheadings and a fierce turn by Hayley, who was still reeling a bit from Jackson’s absence. We also got a return appearance from Mary (Debra Mooney), who was dubious of Hayley’s involvement with the Mikaelsons, and the danger it presented to her well-being. Hayley points out that, while she wanted to be loyal to Jackson and her werewolf family, the Mikaelsons were her family, too, and if Jackson loved her, he’d respect that, and understand that she had to fight on their behalf sometimes as well.

I kind of felt bad for Aurora, who’s had a tough go of things, between her shoddy treatment at the hands of her brother and Klaus breaking her heart. Granted, she once did the same to Klaus once upon a time, but, lest we forget, it was because Elijah compelled her to. Unfortunately for her, she’s but a pawn in the game being played by everyone else around her, and I suspect it will not end well for her, least of all if she continues down the path she’s going down in trying to take out Camille.

Whatever the case, the stage is set for a slam bang mid-season finale next week, and as we see from the preview, the return of Rebekah. Factor in an intriguing reemergence of Finn and there might just be more than a few surprises in store for us in the next episode. Here’s hoping!

So, what did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you satisfied with the way things went down? Do you think Marcel is really on the Mikaelsons’ side? Or is he playing both sides against one another to further his own agenda? (Lest we forget, the prophecy did say a member of the family would betray them, and I’d argue that Marcel counts, though it could end up being Freya as well.) Will Aurora go after Cami again, or did she learn her lesson? How about Lucien? Will he continue to help Klaus, or will he side with Tristan again? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you for the big finale next week!