The Amazing Race “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” Review (Season 27 Episode 11)


The Amazing Race really tried their hardest to build up a failure for the Green Team tonight. You had last week’s “next time on” scenes talking about the Green Team struggling, then the promos in the middle of the week did the same, and then the team themselves kept talking about setting a record. Even the title of the episode, “It Isn’t Easy Being Green”, foreshadowed their fall from grace.

The leg began with the teams finally getting out of dreary Agra, India, and made their way to beautiful Hong Kong. The teams made their way to the Detour in style in some Rolls Royce Phantoms. It was a really nice change of pace from the usual grimy taxis or tuk tuks. The Detour was between a skill/detail challenge involving cutting cloth, and a luck challenge where you find the right phone. Of course, Green Team was the only one to pick the luck challenge and it seemed like they picked the right phone after only a few minutes. Seeing the team that’s won so frequently and so handily get handed yet another quick challenge win was frustrating, and that’s what made what came next even more nauseating.

Wow, Justin really is the worst. So you get a crummy cab driver just like dozens of Amazing Race contestants before you, and you have a freaking hissy fit about it? Not only that, you’re being incredibly rude to your cabbie, and then you get mad at Diana for trying to calm you down?! This team has been running roughshod over all of these other crappy teams, winning leg after leg without even trying, and then you have one setback and you take it out on your fiancee? Man up, dude!

It’s also strange that he was so flippant about completely disregarding the clue and instead taking the obviously wrong ferry. You’d think as such a huge fan of the show and self professed strategist he would have realized that the clue said to do something totally different.

Then you get to the (admittedly cool) waterdancing road block challenge, and then you just whine about how this challenge was “made for you” and continue to scream at your teammate and cry. Then the worst part is Diana gets in the car and says she wanted to have a hug and a kiss and put the day behind them. Yeah, that’s some great advice for two people about to get married. Put all of your substantial communication issues and emotional abuse behind you and just hug it out. Conceal, don’t feel. Elsa style.

After like three straight paragraphs of complaining about Justin, I guess I’m still kinda happy that they’re still in it. They’re clearly one of, if not the strongest team in the game, so it’s only fair that they’re able to compete for the million. As delicious as it would have been for Justin to be eliminated this week due to a penalty that was totally his fault, it will be even more scrumptious if he is denied his million dollars and his record. We can only hope!

Only one more episode of this terrible season left!

Random Thoughts:

– It seems like Chris complains that he’s not good at any of the challenges. What is he good at? Is he just holding out for a challenge where you stalk celebrities? Or maybe one where you have to complain and bum everybody out?

– If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the confidence of these foreign taxi drivers. They just freakin’ drive as soon as their passengers get in the car. They have no idea where they’re going, but they just go anyway, man.

– Tiffany tearfully saying “I don’t know why she can’t get the goldfish” was somehow the funniest part of the whole episode to me.