Arrow “Legends of Yesterday” Review (Season 4, Episode 8)

This week’s Arrow picks up as the second part of the Flash/Arrow crossover. I enjoyed the last crossover episode a great deal, and this one was no exception. In the interest of full disclosure, I got behind on The Flash and haven’t watched the show since about the middle of the first season. I thought that would be a problem going into this crossover, but it really wasn’t. Which kind of surprised me. Both shows did a pretty good job of making sure anyone who doesn’t regularly watch both shows would still be able to enjoy these two episodes. Naturally, it would help if you watched both shows, but it wasn’t entirely necessary. It actually speaks to how well both The Flash and Arrow episodes were written that you could essentially jump into the middle of these shows without feeling completely lost.

Oliver got confirmation that William is his son, and confronted Samantha about it. She told him his mother paid her to tell Oliver that she’d lost the baby, and she demanded that if Oliver wanted to be a part of William’s life Oliver couldn’t tell anyone that he was William’s father. On the one hand, I do understand Samantha not wanting to disrupt her son’s life. He seems like a pretty well-adjusted kid. However, her jab at Oliver that the only thing he’d be able to teach William is how to punch out paparazzi and knock up young girls was pretty lame. It’s pretty clear that Oliver isn’t the same person he was before he got stranded on the island. If anything, everything that Oliver has done since he’s been back has been pretty responsible and it’s pretty evident that he’s grown and matured. It also didn’t make sense that Samantha acted as if Oliver had anything to do with Moira paying Samantha off. Samantha made the decision to take Moira’s hush money. Samantha made the decision to lie to Oliver just like Moira wanted. Samantha is the one who denied Oliver the opportunity to be a part of his son’s life for nine years. Becoming a mom apparently forced Samantha to grow up, but who’s to say that it wouldn’t have done the same for Oliver? Samantha claimed that she set the terms for Oliver the way she did because Oliver asked the world from her, but that’s not true. Oliver had no choice and no say in the matter. Samantha and Moira took away from him, and it’s unreasonable of Samantha to set such strict terms for Oliver to be involved with a son that he has just as much right to as she does. Especially when she refused to let him even tell Felicity about it.

Oliver still hasn’t seemed to learn from his mistakes. The major reason that the other members of Team Arrow were so angry with Oliver was the fact that he kept secrets from them. He had very good, valid reasons for doing so, but that doesn’t change the fact that he lied to his team. After all of the trouble Oliver’s lies and secrets caused, you would think he would’ve learned by now that the truth is always the best policy. I get that he wants to be a part of William’s life and Samantha’s terms didn’t permit him to tell Felicity about William, but Samantha has no right to demand that Oliver keep such a secret from Felicity. Oliver should have pushed harder to be able to include Felicity in the loop. It wasn’t too long ago that Oliver and Felicity ended up having a fight because Felicity wasn’t being honest with Oliver. Doesn’t Oliver remember how much he disliked knowing that something was going on with Felicity that she wasn’t sharing? He didn’t like it very much at all, yet he’s doing the very same thing to her. Even worse, he’s outright lying to her by telling her that what was bothering him is no longer an issue. The problem is, lies always come back to bite you in the butt. Always. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the fact that Oliver is in a difficult situation, but you don’t keep secrets like that from someone that you profess to love. Even though I don’t condone lying as a matter of course, in this instance, Oliver should have agreed to Samantha’s terms but still told Felicity. She’s his better half and she deserves to know because the weight of that secret is going to directly effect Oliver’s relationship with her.

I don’t know how many times Malcolm Merlyn is going to have to burn Team Arrow before they stop working with him. Every time he’s been involved with anything they’ve done, he’s doublecrossed them. This time was no exception. I admit, I’m not familiar enough with Vandal Savage’s character in the comics to understand why Malcolm would help Savage, but it can’t be a good idea. To say that Malcolm is untrustworthy is the biggest understatement of the year, but it’s something that Team Arrow seems to willfully forget. I get that they often believe they have no choice, but as many times as Malcolm has burned them, it seems they’d figure out some other way to obtain information.

This episode was pretty much a set up for another of The CW’s shows, but since it was an enjoyable hour, I’m ok with that. Oliver getting involved in William’s life may prove dangerous for both William and Samantha. It doesn’t matter how much of a secret you try to keep some things. Bad guys always seem to have a way of finding these things out, and it never ends pretty. It also never ends well when you try to keep secrets from Felicity. That’s not going to end pretty either. Next week is the Arrow mid-season finale, so we’ll be getting back to Damien Darhk and his plans for Starling City. So what did y’all think of this week’s Arrow?