The Vampire Diaries “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” Review (Season 7 Episode 8)


On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” the boys took another stab at taking out Julian, this time with an assist from their mother, in “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.” But it’s safe to say that things didn’t exactly go as planned, to say the least, with Julian still standing at the end, and Lily not so much, unfortunately.

First, the team knew that they needed to break the link between Julian and Lily, since if it wasn’t broken, then both would die if one was killed. Not that Damon much cared about such things, as evidenced by his actions during the initial attempt on Julian’s life, but still, the only way they were ever going to succeed was to work together, so first things first.

In order to do so, they needed a sample of Julian’s blood, which was easier said than done, so the plan was to infiltrate the party Julian was throwing on behalf of Nora and Mary, who were celebrating their anniversary as a couple. Interestingly, most of the attendees were comprised by the host of people Julian had stashed about town for heretofore unknown reasons. I don’t necessarily think that this was their intended purpose, but they came in handy, given that the Heretics don’t exactly have a lot of friends in town.

En route to the party, Lily stopped off at a bookstore for a gift for the happy couple, where she ran into Enzo, who took another stab at trying to convince her to run off with him, to no avail. Although, they did kiss, so, had things gone in a different direction, perhaps there would have been hope for these two yet. Alas, such was not the case.


Meanwhile, before Stefan could leave, Caroline intercepted him to tell him about her not-so-expected pregnancy with another man’s twins, which is an awkward conversation in any case, but even more so when the girl in question didn’t even sleep with the father in the first place but has gotten pregnant by mystical means! Or so I would imagine.

Not that Stefan wasn’t aware of the possibility, but still…awkward. As such, Stefan probably could have handled it better, but better late than never, as he called Caroline to smooth things over later on. I’m sure it didn’t hurt matters that he dropped the “L-word” for the first time, and I don’t mean lesbian.


However, speaking of lesbians, Mary informed Julian she was going to propose to Nora at the party, and he presented her with a ring that I’m pretty sure was implied to have once belonged to Marie Antoinette herself! Pretty sweet get, that. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be, either. Though Nora did indeed accept Mary’s proposal, things went south soon after and she eventually reneged on it.

Eventually, Damon arrived, just in time to chastise Lily for feeding on a guest, which Julian, Nora and Mary all did as well prior to that. Interesting turn of events when Damon is the voice of reason, but as Lily pointed out, it would have been more suspicious if she hadn’t gone along with things than if she gave in, so she was only doing what she had to do, and she didn’t kill anyone so there’s that. Not that it stopped her from smacking Damon across the face when he once again implied he could care less if they waited to kill Julian, even if it meant killing her.

As all this was going on, it turned out that Stefan and company were not the only ones with a plan in motion, as Matt cornered Enzo after catching him in the act of feeding on a Mystic Falls denizen and threatened him. Then, after Enzo took off, a group of shady types shot him with darts and knocked him out, tossing him in the back of a van and absconding with him to who knows where. Has Matt reformed the vampire hunters’ squad? Certainly looks that way.

Upon arriving at the party, Valerie took her sisters aside, along with Beau, and told them all the sad story of her pregnancy and its end at the hands of Julian, and how she became the first Heretic when she took her own life with vampire blood in her system. She pointed out how they were less his family than his army, technically. Though Nora and Beau both readily accepted her story, Mary was less impressed and wary of believing her, after her more recent actions.


Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan attacked Julian, this time managing to subdue him and tie him up, as Stefan secured the blood they needed. He also informed Lily of Caroline’s pregnancy and advised her on Damon’s fury, suggesting she wait it out, in hopes of things getting better. Julian attempted to goad them into killing him, but neither fall for it, even Damon, who wasn’t exactly on Team Lily, despite the way things had changed as of late.

In the end, it didn’t matter, as Mary burst in and promptly snapped Valerie’s neck and knocked out Damon long enough to free Julian, who subsequently turned the tables on the two and tied them up in his place. Lily walks in and catches him, and Julian gives her an ultimatum: either side with her son, Damon, or her “true” family, Valerie- decide to be a Salvatore or a Heretic, in other words.

Rather than do any such thing, Lily chose to sacrifice herself, intending to kill Julian in the process, but, unbeknownst to her, Julian had already removed the link between them, so all she did was sign her own death warrant, sadly. As Julian hightailed it out of there in the confusion, Stefan and the Heretics said their goodbyes, save Mary, who ran to catch up with Julian after Nora informed her what had happened and rejected her proposal after all.


Valerie forgives Lily for siding with Julian over her and not believing her when she told her about her pregnancy with Stefan. However, Damon was not so forgiving, telling Lily that she had “made her bed,” and sulking off as she died. Not the greatest last thing to hear before one shuffles off this mortal coil, but, as we saw in the flash-forward, they were words he was going to regret saying later on.

In the future, three years from the present, we see Lily, seemingly alive and well at the TV studio Caroline works at, appearing to be the one responsible for whatever was going on there. After subduing and capturing Damon, she informed him that he was not the brother she wanted, which was odd, given what had just transpired, until we discovered that it wasn’t Lily at all.

Whoever it was informed him that he had werewolf venom in his system and would die soon without help, which she couldn’t provide, not having an antidote of any kind at hand. Damon “forgave” her, and took the opportunity to apologize for his past behavior with her. But, of course, it isn’t her, as Lily is confirmed dead at this point by whoever it really was.

It sort of looked like Bonnie, but it’s hard to say, as I didn’t get a close look at her. It’s got to be her or one of the remaining female Heretics, right? Whoever it is, is actually looking for Stefan, so it would have to be someone with a grudge against him, so that could easily be one of the Heretics as well.


That was really it. There were some good scenes here and there, but once again, this was a padded episode in which the show prolonged the inevitable yet another week. I mean, I get it- you can’t kill off the main villain this early on in the season, but still, aside from the thing with Lily and Enzo getting kidnapped, not much else happened in the show. Expect some fireworks to go down in the Christmas-themed mid-season finale next week, however.

So, what did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Were you disappointed that Stefan and Damon didn’t kill Julian? Or is that to be expected? What did you think of Damon’s cruel dismissal of his mother? Are Nora and Mary now doomed as a couple? Who are those people who took off with Enzo? Will you miss Lily? What’s going on in that flash-forward, exactly? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you for the winter finale next week!