The Flash “Legends of Today” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

I’ll be honest, it’s always hard to be critical of the big crossover episodes between superhero properties. In the case of The Flash and Arrow this year, it’s even harder, just because my inner fanboy absolutely loses it at seeing so many awesome heroes and new faces appearing on screen together. As it was, “Legends of Today” was an absolute blast of an episode, even without knowing how things will wrap up on Arrow.

The biggest flaw with this episode was that it sort of abandoned Caitlin and Harrison in a table-setting side-plot. I get that the show didn’t want to completely avoid the ongoing threat of Zoom, but I say that would’ve been the right move. The point of the crossover is to be an epic event, so checking in on STAR Labs as they made a speed drug just felt like the show was losing focus.

Other than that, though? This episode was awesome. Team-ups between the heroes of Star and Central City, fun references to each show, and the introduction of the Hawks and Vandal Savage made for a constant barrage of great moments. Sure, Barry immediately assuming they would need Team Arrow’s help was a bit convenient, but it got us into the action right away. From there, it was a whirlwind – literally, in the case of Barry’s powers – in terms of new information and great battles.

The biggest win of the hour, though, was the introduction of Casper Crump’s Vandal Savage. From his arrival on the docks of Central City to his magical attack in a church, it was clear this is an actor capable of selling the character’s threat level and serving as the upcoming spin-off’s main villain. Equal praise goes to the actors portraying Kendra and Carter, whose contentious relationship should serve as a great element of the team in Legends of Tomorrow.

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