Minority Report “Everybody Runs” Review (Season 1 Episode 10)


On the fall finale- and possibly the final episode, period- of “Minority Report,” it all came down to the wire, as Vega and her team scrambled to try and prevent yet another terrorist attack by the shadowy Memento Mori crew (after essentially assassinating a senator in the previous episode), while at the same time trying to protect their precog sources, in “Everybody Runs.”

As fans probably know by now, the number of episodes for the season was reduced from a potentially full season (or even a full half-season) to a mere ten episodes, which is never a good sign. At the same time, FOX has yet to officially announce the show’s cancellation, so it’s not completely hopeless, if a bit unlikely.

As for those who might hope for a “Community”-style resurrection on another network/streaming service, this one seems particularly unlikely in that regard, as it was a pretty costly one to make, which was probably one of the things that ultimately caused “Hannibal” to fail to do so as well.

minority report 4

It’s too bad, as the show had real promise, from the solid chemistry between main stars Meagan Good and Stark Sands to the nifty-but-not-overplayed sci-fi elements to the way the twisty back-stories emerged over time. It also had a gratifyingly diverse cast, which is nice for a show like this (i.e. a sci-fi genre show). By the end, I was relatively hooked, and I’ll genuinely miss it moving forward into the winter season. Oh well- you win some, you lose some.

That said, the show certainly wasn’t without problems. For instance, there was barely even a glimmer of sexual chemistry between Good and Sands, which is kind of ridiculous. I mean, have you seen Good? How could anyone NOT be attracted to her? Granted, Dash was a bit on the dorky side, but you’d think at least HE’D be into her, even if the feeling wasn’t mutual. (Yes, Arthur got a little flirty with her, but one gets the impression he gets a little flirty with everyone.)


Also, the show took a little too much time with “case of the week”-type scenarios, and not enough time world-building with its underlying plotlines. Let’s face it, crime procedurals are a dime a dozen on TV, so why not embrace what made this show different from your average one?

Sure, that sort of thing has brought down a few others shows where that came from of a similar nature as well: “Almost Human,” “Continuum,” and, to a lesser extent, “Defiance,” which had almost TOO much world-building and not enough forward momentum on the whole, so technically, the opposite held true for that one.

I think the trick was to find a happy medium between the two and I feel like “Minority Report” was getting there, but it just didn’t get there fast enough, which is too bad, as I enjoyed where the show seemed to be headed, which was a combination of “The X-Files” and maybe “Blade Runner” to a certain extent, along with its initial source of inspiration, the movie and short story of the same name.

minority report 2

I liked the majority of the characters as well, and there was still plenty of stuff to be garnered from them, for sure. I think we had just scratched the surface of a lot of them, to be honest. On the plus side, we did get nice arcs for nearly everyone concerned, save maybe Akeela (Li Jun Li), who sadly remained firmly in “squint” mode overall. But we got some good stuff from Vega, Blake, the precogs, and on this final episode, Wally, so I’m sure we would have gotten there eventually.

All of that said, if this proves to be the final episode, we did get a decent enough wrap-up, even if the show was still left relatively open-ended. Yes, the precogs and Vega were about to be on the run indefinitely, but I’m sure that would have been resolved before too long, especially since it was Wally who technically killed those people, not the precogs or Vega.

If anything, Wally did it to save one of them from doing it, but there was still the matter of the incoming “buyers” to deal with, and I don’t doubt that they would have continued the hunt for the precogs, even if they were cleared of the murders at hand- which wasn’t a foregone conclusion, either. They could have offed Wally and blamed the deaths on the precogs and Vega, for instance.


But still, there are worse, more cliffhanger-heavy ways the show could have ended, so I can live with this ending, should it be the last. I also think it will play well for binge-watchers, when it inevitably hits Netflix or Amazon or whatever, so there’s that. All in all, I think they did a good job, even if it goes down as a failed experiment of sorts, which seems likely at this point.

What did you think of the finale of “Minority Report”? How about the series as a whole? Did you like the main characters? Who was your favorite? What did you make of the whole “Memento Mori” thing? Do you think the show still had more to offer? Should someone else pick it up if FOX opts not to? Or is it better off quitting while it’s ahead? Sound off on this and more down below, and thanks for reading!