Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Closure” Review (Season 3 Episode 9)

Agents of SHIELD Closure

It’s been two weeks since Agents of SHIELD aired a new episode, and boy was that last installment a doozy. They were able to tie together all of their storylines into one big bow, and then we had to wait a whole two weeks for the followup! Now here we are with “Closure”, as we get to see where the show will go from here, and boy did it hit the ground running!

Yes, unfortunately Constance Zimmer’s Rosalind Price is no more. I was enjoying her cute little date with Coulson, and I thought it was a nice way to ease into the episode, but then that bullet hole through the window was such an eerie and effective way to jolt us into the mayhem. I loved that you couldn’t see it coming, and that she was gone within seconds. There was no question that she might survive. She didn’t get any mushy last words to let Coulson know how she felt about her. She was gone, and now Coulson is on the warpath!

Ward has mostly been on the periphery of this season, save a couple small pot shots here and there, but now he’s been shoved into the spotlight as the big bad. With Price and Banks dead, the ATCU is all but out of the picture, so it looks like we’re back to having Hydra as the big villain again. I don’t know how I feel about this, honestly. Hydra was a great villain back when season one had their “Uprising” arc, but now it just feels like they’re being shoehorned in here where they don’t belong. Couldn’t there have been some other organization that’s been sending people into portals for hundreds of years? I appreciate their attempts to keep Hydra around in the MCU, but it does feel like a bit of a stretch.

I do love the increased focus on Ward, though. I especially loved the little interviews Coulson had with all of his crew. He wasn’t tiptoeing around anything anymore. He got right to May’s sexual relationship with him, the possible romance with Daisy, and even the flirtation with Simmons. Coulson was always pretty coy with these personal matters in the past, but he’s looking for any ammo he can use against him. It was interesting that Ward killing Koenig was one of the first things Daisy mentioned among Ward’s atrocities. What about ejecting Fitz and Simmons to the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe blowing up Andrew? Weird.

Anyway, Coulson did dig up some dirt, and he ended up kidnapping Ward’s brother to use as a bargaining chip. This also seemed a bit forced. How long have they known about this guy? They’re just now going in to his work to pick him up?

The final scene was definitely unexpected, and it ended up feeling a bit rushed. The last episode felt like a great conclusion to the story that had been built up through the first eight episodes, and it worked so well because none of it felt rushed. This was very different, though. We just learned last week that Hydra is trying to go get that monster from the Blue Planet back, and now all of a sudden they already made a portal and THREE of our main characters went through it?! Oh, and Coulson was able to jump straight out of the plane directly into the portal without anybody at Hydra seeing him? My hope is that the writers are rushing and cutting corners because they have a really cool storyline that they want to get us to, and they don’t have time to properly set it up. If that’s not the case, I’ll be pretty disappointed. For now, I was fine with an abbreviated setup episode, especially because we’ve trimmed the fat of the ATCU and we’re 100% focused on Hydra again. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Random Thoughts:

– Coulson’s nifty little “Ocean Breeze” explosion diversion was pretty cool, but why would you want to make the bad guys turn around to face you before shooting them? It seems like shooting them in the back would be much more efficient, albeit less cool and more cowardly.

– Ward saying Simmons had a “Furiosa vibe” was a little odd. When did he have time to go see Mad Max?

– Even with all of the crazy technology at SHIELD’s disposal, I thought it was a little funny that they had to do the whole “keep him talking” thing in order to track Ward’s phone.