Supergirl “Red Faced” Review (Season 1 Episode 6)

One thing that I’ve really appreciated about Supergirl is that it hasn’t fallen into the exact pattern that it originally seemed destined for. While the first three episodes indeed focused on Kara fighting escaped Fort Roz prisoners, the past few weeks have broadened the types of enemies we can expect Supergirl to face significantly. From Superman villains to newly-empowered metahumans, the show has proven a willingness to introduce a variety of DC characters and elements. With “Red Faced,” the show went even further, with Supergirl battling a souped-up battle bot.

To me, Red Tornado and T.O. Morrow are two if the biggest DC characters we’ve had a chance to meet yet. Admittedly, they’re not too far above the C-string, but they’ve both featured heavily in the universe before. Here, Morrow was closer to his comic book self than the Red Tornado, who really was a mindless robot. However, the mental link shared by the two and Morrow’s death leaves me hopefully that Tornado will return down the line.

The big focus this week was on everyone’s anger issues, with Kara, Cat, and James all working through their issues. Starting with James, I found it interesting that General Lane’s complaints about him weren’t actually that far removed from the doubts James already has about himself. He’s self-confident enough to not doubt how worthy he is of being with Lucy, but I have no doubt these are issues that’ll come up again.

With Cat, we finally met her mother, and there wasn’t a whole lot to the relationship that we weren’t told in recent weeks. Still, it was great to see Cat and Kara bonding over their anger issues, with Cat pointing out the sad truth that women just don’t have the same luxury of expressing emotion in the workplace that men do. It’s only been a handful of episodes, but I’m enjoying how quickly the Cat/Kara relationship is developing into a true mentor-mentee connection.

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