Once Upon a Time “Broken Heart” Review (Season 5 Episode 10)

Once Upon a Time  Broken Heart

The Dark Ones are battling it out in this week’s Once Upon a Time. It was a vast improvement on the Merida drudgery that we had before the two-week break. But, it was also a pretty quick about face. Turns out Dark One Emma isn’t really so dark after all. So all the puffery and promos for her reign of terror was basically bait and switch. The true menace is Hook.

The first thing I wondered with Killian as a Dark One was whether he could regrow his hand now. It seems like a peculiar type of torture for him that the other dark ones manifest as Rumple. Even though he’s now the evil villain, I wasn’t quite buying the vengeance blustering. I much prefer him as emo pirate. It was hilarious when he ditched his monk robes for full pirate flare, and I did appreciate the guyliner.

I like that Snow had Emma’s back in the decision to transform Hook. This clearly has to be the story arc we’re heading for – familial love and support will dispel the darkness. Hence, Rumple mocking her for trying to handle everything on her own. That’s also why we see Zelena and her daughter. Which was absolutely adorable. And how funny was it in the hospital with “Baby Hood” written on the baby bed? It’s all a little schmaltzy, but it’s a show about fairytales, so it’s fitting.

For a moment, I was rooting for Belle and Gold to reconcile, but he’s done too much and she’s carried him for too long. I like that she stood up for herself and made the decision to walk away from the relationship. Belle is a great character, but she does have a tendency to overlook Gold’s many, many flaws, so it was nice to see her move on. We just need to get the Knave back in the picture.

I can’t believe that Hook killed Merlin. That was hardcore and deeply troubling. I’m worried this is putting us back on the path of Hook needing to die in penance. Which means no Hook/Emma. Doesn’t anyone ever get a happy ending beside Snow and Charming? It was kind of dizzying how quickly Hook went full on evil. The preview for next week’s suggests Emma is now willing to kill Hook in order to stop him, so I think it’ll be adios Hook and hello identical looking brother Liam.

It was good to finally get some answers on why everyone’s memories are gone. But I was thinking with all the Dark One this and Dark One that this week, we really should have a Light One. Where the yin to the Dark One’s yang? Emma is supposed to be the savior, but I feel like that moment passed. They should have a more pure, uncompromising character as the Light One. Now Emma is more in the same boat as Regina – formerly bad and now redeemed.