The Good Wife “Discovery” Review (Season 7 Episode 9)


The Good Wife returned tonight with “Discovery”, as we had yet another case involving everybody’s favorite Google ripoff: Chumhum. We’ve had lots of different cases involving this huge company over the course of this show, but this was definitely the most racially charged case they’ve ever had. In fact, it might have been the most racially charged case of the entire series!

As soon as we first met Nikki M. James’ character Monica earlier this season, I was sure we weren’t going to see her again. Why would Diane and Cary ever want to work with her again after what she did to them? Well, apparently the chance to sue a multi billion dollar company is enough of an incentive to forgive anything, but I don’t know that I bought it. Why did they have to keep working with her past that point? Just take the case and drop her.

I’m not really a fan of her character overall, which is unfortunate because I’m a huge fan of hers from Book of Mormon and I was pumped to see her on my TV. However, her lines to Cary about the “harm” of racism was super irritating to me. It’s OK if you’re racist to white guys because you don’t think there’s any harm to it? What a ridiculous thing to say. Is it OK if people are racist to black people because they don’t think there’s any harm to it? Such a silly line.

Look, I don’t want to get too deep into the whole “race well” here, but I guess at the end of the day I’m glad the case ended the way that it did. It seemed a little silly that this business owner was trying to blame her business troubles on this “racist” software by Chumhum, so I was glad that she didn’t end up getting any money. There’s obviously a lot of racism all over the internet (as evidenced by the hilarious 50TB worth of racist jokes), but I don’t see how that’s the fault of the people who provide online services. Nobody blames YouTube because racists watch their videos. As you can see by my picture, I’m just a white guy, so I can’t speak to the racism that I’m sure millions of people experience every day. What we saw in this case just struck me as a bit silly, though.

However, Cary is yet again doing his part to mend race relations, as he goes dancing with Lucca. There was a funny storyline back in season two about how often Cary dates dark-skinned girls, and it appears that his tastes haven’t changed! I’m not sure how much further this little romance will go, but I guess we’ll see!

Not to be outdone in the romance department, Jason fell into Ruth’s crosshairs because of their little flirtation during one of Alicia’s shoots. I don’t know why everybody was getting all bent out of shape over the “racism” in the episode, because the sexism on display in this storyline is way worse. The double standard on display here is ridiculous. I know that Eli says he gave the same speech to Peter about not touching or being with other women, but a fat lot of good it did him! He touched and slept with a bunch of girls, most recently with Ramona Lytton just last season! So Peter’s allowed to have a big public scandal about having sex with hookers, then sleep with other women and flirt with a bunch of them too, but Alicia touches Jason’s arm and Ruth loses her mind?! Maybe we need to figure out the gender role problems before we overreact about this racism!

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Random Thoughts:

– I love the increased focus on Eli’s assistant, Connie. She’s always been in the background, but she’s been great with a bigger spotlight!

– Judge Marx seems to always be used for all of the tech-heavy cases, which is a little funny considering he’s an old guy. He’s pretty tech savvy for an older man!

– I really wish we got to see Cary dance! The camera cut away as soon as he walked over to Lucca.