The Amazing Race “Bring the Fun, Baby” Review (Season 27 Episode 10)

THE AMAZING RACE Krakow, I'm Gonna Get You

The Amazing Race returned on this Black Friday with “Bring the Fun, Baby”, as the teams remained in India and dealt with yet another U-Turn. I hope you all made the big purchases you wanted to this morning, because now it’s time to settle down for another underwhelming leg of this disappointing season.

The reveal that we were going to have yet another U-Turn so shortly after the last one, which was just in the previous week’s episode, was a bit confusing to me. The last week’s U-Turn didn’t really end up with the best payoff, since it just piled on to the already-way-behind Team Texas. They were already given the toughest and most time consuming Speed Bump in Race history, and then they were given a U-Turn when they were already way behind. Now it feels like they’re just throwing an extra one in just to spice up what’s turning out to be a pretty boring season.

Before we even got to the actual U-Turn, we had to deal with the silly Road Block where they filled nets with balloons. It wasn’t really explained what was so particularly “Indian” about filling a bunch of balloons for a wedding. Balloons have universal appeal, I guess. The only notable part of the challenge was when some jerk slashed Tiffany’s net while she was trying to bring the balloons to the wedding planner, but thankfully they didn’t penalize her for that since it wasn’t her fault.

Phil tried to sell the U-Turn like it was some awesome new twist, touting it as the only time they’ve ever had a third U-Turn on the Race. I don’t know that it’s necessarily an impressive thing for you to just add an extra thing to your game just because, but whatever. Green Team U-Turned the paparazzi, which seemed like a strange choice considering that I’ve never thought as the paparazzi as a particularly strong team. I know they showed the “previously on…” scene from last week to remind us of Justin’s line saying a strong team isn’t the only reason to U-Turn somebody. Yeah, maybe it’s not, but what’s the other reason? Because you don’t like them as people? And you honestly think that’s a good choice? Justin has been so proud of his gameplay and strategizing as such a huge race fan, so I think it’s odd that he’s being so unabashedly personal with this choice. I guess when you’re down to the top five then there’s not any truly weak teams left, since you can’t make it this far without deserving it a little bit, but clearly Team Anchorman has been a much larger threat thus far, coming in second many times behind them. Ah well.

The Detours were both pretty visually strong, getting across the bright and colorful side of the Indian culture. However, they were both incredibly similar. They both involved getting something from one location to another, and it turns out that they were both the same location! One Detour involved being led to the location, so most people picked that instead of the one where you find it yourself, but nobody had a problem finding the wedding without being instructed anyway!

It seems like very few people really enjoyed running the Race tonight, except for the two top teams, of course. There was a lot of yelling, a lot of anger, and a lot of sweat. Seriously, it looked like everybody had jumped in the pool after pushing that stuff around. It was a bit of a surprise that the paparazzi overcame two detours, although the huge similarity between the two of them probably helped out a lot. Anyway, just like most legs this season, my complaints greatly outweigh my compliments. Hoping the last few legs can help win me over, but I’m not holding my breath.

What did you guys think of the leg?

Random Thoughts:

– One of my favorite parts of the Race taking place in these third world countries is seeing all of the great little kids running around with the teams, but it was pretty funny seeing Tiffany and a few others get so annoyed with them tonight.

– It definitely seems like they’re editing the Green Team to be a lot more likable with all of this “being nice to kids” stuff. Maybe they’re grooming them to end up being the winners, because they don’t want us to hate the eventual winners.

– I loved how the cheerleaders acted like they loved the kids at the end.