Survivor “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil; My Wheels Are Spinning” Review (Season 31 Episode 10)

SURVIVOR Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil My Wheels Are Spinning

I don’t remember Survivor ever airing a two hour episode the day before Thanksgiving in the past, but here we are with the extra large installment “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil; My Wheels Are Spinning”. I feel like in the past they either aired a recap episode or only a single hour, but now I gotta sit here for two hours to recap for you guys! I hope you appreciate it!

Anyway, the episode picked up after last week’s blindside of Wiglesworth, and Joe is feeling understandably upset. Kelly seemed to have been his closest ally in the game, and this is probably the angriest I’ve ever seen Joe in this season or the last season. He was even using some naughty language! You don’t want to ruin that nice guy image, Joe!

Joe wasn’t the only one who’s having a rough time, though. The rain is pouring down on the poor survivors, and everybody is totally miserable. I was hoping for the the rain to let up just as much as the rest of the players, though. It might make for some pretty shots and for some good looking challenges, but it’s not very compelling television to see a bunch of very sad people huddling for warmth in a shelter. Then there’s Fishbach, who’s got severe diarrhea on top of being starving and freezing! That does sound pretty awful.

Thankfully the reward challenge was pretty fun, but I wasn’t quite sure why Jeff even seriously asked if he thought the reward was worth playing for. It would be pretty funny if he said “Your reward is a nature hike in the great outdoors”, then maybe nobody would be quite as interested. However, Joe continues his winning ways and they go to a neat little circus reward with his team.

As brutal and fun to watch as that reward challenge was, the immunity challenge was even more interesting with Jeff starting it out with an interesting proposition. I love that the Survivor producers are merciful, but not too easy on the group either. They could have just realized that a bunch of miserable players isn’t fun to watch and then given them a nice shelter out of the kindness of their hearts, but that’s not the game. I was a little surprised that so many people chose the white rocks, so I guess the rain was even worse than I thought! They didn’t even tell the group that they would be getting free cookies and coffee either, and they still chose it by the vast majority! This led to probably one of the most anti-climactic challenges of all time, as it appeared that Joe won it only a few minutes in. Usually they flash a “20 minutes later” thing on the screen or whatever after it’s been a while, but we didn’t even get to that! Joe did win his fourth win in a row, so he’s only one win away from tying the win record. However, one of those wins came against only one other opponent. I guess we have to put an asterisk on that record, Joe!

The pre-tribal scramble ended up splitting between Stephen or Ciera, with seemingly the majority of people wanting to oust Fishbach and put him out of his gastrointestinal misery. Thankfully, Jeremy had other ideas, when he pulled yet another idol to save Fishbach! Man, another awesome tribal! We rarely get one tribal council in a season of Survivor when somebody actually uses an idol properly, and now it’s happened twice in only three episodes! Incredible!

As surprised as I was that we had a two hour block tonight, I was actually pretty excited that the next episode got started right after this one, because I was so pumped up by tribal and I wanted to see what happened right away! I was a little surprised about Jeremy’s constant reassurances to Spencer that he would do the same thing for him. Spencer voted against your boy, Jeremy!

The reward challenge was definitely my favorite challenge of the season so far, and probably one of the best challenges they’ve had in a long while. It was very similar to the famous challenge from season one where Rudy ran from station to station and mumbled “I don’t know” to the camera. I also loved that it was at night, which is definitely a rarity for any challenge. It was great that we also got to hear the whole story from Jeff so we could play along and answer the questions with the players. Really great stuff.

The hits just kept on coming, since Kelly Wentworth got her second idol clue and it leads to her finding her second immunity idol! I love, love, LOVE the new twist of making the players find the idols with a high chance of being found. It’s a little unfair that Jeremy just had to pretend to take a dump and then walked away from the group to very easily find the idol, and Kelly had to find it under the freakin’ shelter! Come to think of it, it was also way harder for Kelly to find her in-challenge idol than it was for Jeremy. So basically what I’m saying is: Props to Kelly! It’d be kinda cool if anybody else could find an idol in this game besides Kelly and Jeremy, but whatever.

The immunity challenge was the fun stacking-blocks-with-your-feet challenge that we had a few seasons ago, and it was only notable in that it brought Joe’s epic win streak to an end. As soon as he lost, I assumed he’d be going straight home without any thought. I mean, why wouldn’t you get rid of the guy when you finally have a shot? They kept throwing out red herrings and everybody made it sound like somebody else might go, but in my heart I just knew it would be Joe. Then Fishbach played his advantage which allowed him to steal a vote for the first time in Survivor history, and he took Joe’s! I knew this would be the nail in his coffin…except that it wasn’t!

Man, what a great season this has been! Fishbach ended up going home, since his alliance made the terrible decision to split the vote between Joe and Abi. These people seriously need to learn when to split the vote and when not to split. Remember back when Savage was blindsided, he could have split the vote that week and he would still be in the game. Now you could have thrown all your votes at Joe and get him out, but you didn’t. You really wanted to waste a single vote on Abi? Who in their right mind is going to vote to give that crazy person a million bucks? If anything you should be keeping her around to make yourself look better to a jury!

I went into this review a little bummed that I had to review two whole hours, but if they are as entertaining as tonights episodes then I got no complaints. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!

Random Thoughts:

– I liked the fancy editing of the “Orkun” letters being hidden behind the baskets and then slowly revealed as the camera pans through camp. Really cool.

– I’m a little disappointed that CBS didn’t actually use the hashtag #SevereIntestinalDistress, but maybe we can get it trending ourselves!

– Jeff Probst is fist bumping the winner of the individual immunity necklace now? That’s interesting…

– Spencer putting a picture of a smelly poop on his vote for Stephen was my favorite thing ever.

– Oh, wait, nevermind! Stephen opening the bowl for Abi to pick the wrong answer is my favorite thing ever.

– Jeff’s line to Fishbach “Your feet look prehistoric” is one of the all-time great Probst lines.