Scorpion “Arrivals and Departures” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)

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On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” as one might have guessed from the title, “Arrivals and Departures,” it was the one regular viewers were both dreading and expecting: the episode in which things finally came to a head with Walter’s sister Megan (Camille Guaty). While I don’t doubt that some were hoping for some last-minute reprieve of her illness, I think it’s safe to say that the realists among us were probably expecting the worst, and sadly, that was exactly what we got- and then some.

Somewhat surprisingly, albeit effectively, the show opted to keep up its more recent approach of keeping the action coming, even as the walls were closing in on Megan’s final days in the hospital. Here, as if that weren’t enough to deal with, we had both the arrival of Walter and Megan’s parents and a full-on outbreak of a virus at the hospital the team and they were awaiting the inevitable in.

As the team scrambled to contain said virus under decidedly strained circumstances- not to mention limited resources, once a quarantine was declared- Walter was clearly feeling the strain of it all, no pun intended. However, as ever, Walter and company work best under trying conditions, and this was certainly no exception, despite the fact that this was a scenario which would have defeated most people, geniuses or not.

Once again, I don’t claim to know the reality of the hard science the team was dealing with here, or how likely- or unlikely- it was that they could have pulled off what they did in the time they did it in, but by once again keeping the action coming, the show managed to keep things both moving at a quick pace and reasonably believable, despite the occasional eyebrow-raising moment or two, i.e. the fact that a birth was timed precisely as the imminent threat had been contained, or that the main doctors in charge of the outbreak were all sidelined at the same moment, thus ensuring that team Scorpion were the only ones who could save the day.

Yes, those were awfully big coincidences, and yes, they were clearly plot contrivances meant to maximize the drama where we didn’t necessarily need any more than what was already present, but, at the same time, they were also highly effective, making for an all-around tense episode that worked like a charm. Even more impressive, it made things so hectic and time-consuming that we all knew that there was no way Walter was ever going to be able to contend with all that was going on and still find time to try and come up with a last-ditch effort of his own to save Megan.

In doing so, the episode instead became all about solving the problems at hand not so that Walter could “solve” the overlying issue of his sister’s impending doom, but so that he could at least be there for her when she passed, as she would have wanted him to be. Mission accomplished, and then some, but in the end, while Walter and company might have saved the day, as per usual, they weren’t quite able to pull off the impossible- saving Megan. Some things, sadly, there are no quick fixes for- or, indeed, any fixes for at all.


I thought that the episode did an excellent job overall of dealing with Megan’s death. While, as aforementioned, there was a slight tendency to pile on when it wasn’t really needed, ultimately, the episode not only knew when to say when, but when to deliver the final knock-out. This is to say that, as sad as, say, Sly’s final moments alone with Megan were, and as heartbreaking her actual death was, to me, the true gut punch actually came after the fact, when Walter received a posthumous message from Megan via a video she asked Sly to sent to him after her death. As Megan, still relatively radiant and all smiles on the beach, sat there beaming, she told Walter to continue to hang in there, as there were some things that even geniuses couldn’t fix- and one of them was her.

Pointing out how far he’d come, and how much his heart had grown- and how much more important that was in relative terms to his brain- Megan asked one last thing of her brother in the clutch: that he not impede his own progress in the process of her own decline. It was truly a tear-jerking, affecting moment, and if the other stuff didn’t get you already, then this probably did the trick. Hell, even thinking about it now is making me well up a bit.

I think we were all worried about how the show would handle this scenario, but I thought they did as good a job as could be expected. I thought the video in particular hit all the right notes, with Megan wisely emphasizing that she wanted Walter to remember her as she was, not as she ended up. Just as importantly, she also reminded him that love was the most significant thing in life, not science, which I think it’s safe to say many people in Walter’s field probably tend to forget at times, in their quest for perfection and to achieve the impossible.

What’s more, the show stuck the landing, as we saw the way moving forward for all concerned, particularly Walter. After it happened, Walter, as one might expect, began to quickly spiral downward, clearly headed for a tailspin into who knows what kind of horrific descent, but, by offering up that video, and then following it up with a quiet-but-effective scene in which Walter shared a story about Megan with the rest of his team and his parents, we all saw the way forward for not only Walter, but all concerned.

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Oh, don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy- these things never are- but, as some of us feared, it also won’t be the total mess we were worried it might be, either. I think, despite Walter’s feelings that he failed his sister in the end, what that video and the scene after it did, was to ensure that Walter and company were going to be okay. Maybe not tomorrow, or the day after that, or the weeks to come, but eventually, they were going to be fine. And that’s an important message for all of us, I think, especially those who have dealt with this sort of thing in their own lives- and many of us have at some point or the other.

So, all in all, a highly efficient episode that managed to be both action-packed as ever, while still delivering the emotional goods in a satisfying way. I think the show-runners knew that this was a crucial, key episode, and arguably the most important episode the show has ever done, in that, if they didn’t handle it just so, it wasn’t going to have the necessary impact we were all hoping for, even as we dreaded it. I thought the writers did a bang-up job in doing exactly what we needed them to, while at the same time managing to entertain, despite the unfortunate circumstances. No mean feat, that.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Were you also satisfied by the overall episode? Did you think they handled Megan’s passing as well as could be expected? Perhaps even better than you thought they would? Was there something you wish they would have done differently? Would you have preferred if they toned down the action some, for instance? Did we even need the action? Or was the action what helped to make things as effective as they were? Did the video also get to you? Do you think everyone will be okay moving forward? Where does the show go from here? Will Walter and Paige finally get together? How about Toby and Happy? Or Sly, for that matter? Let me know what you thought down below, and have a happy Thanksgiving!