Supergirl “How Does She Do It?” Review (Season 1 Episode 5)

Right up front, it’s worth noting that this episode of Supergirl is airing out of order, having been delayed a week in sensitivity to the attacks in Paris. This change didn’t affect too much, but it helps explains some of the seeming regression with Cat Grant’s attitude towards Kara, as well as James and Lucy’s relationship. Other than that excuse, though, “How Does She Do It?” was still a fairly tame installment of the series, though it had enough good material to make it worth a watch.

Ultimately, the goal of this episode from a larger narrative angle was to show that Maxwell Lord is every bit the villain he ended up as in the comic. As a result of this, the main threat for the episode was a very earthbound one, with simple bombings happening all over the city. Given the alien and metahuman threats Supergirl has faced so far, this was a bit of a letdown. There just isn’t a whole lot of excitement to the action scenes this week, which is a bummer after great threats like Livewire and Reactron.

Still, the episode succeeded with some strong character building. In particular, the introduction of Cat’s son Carter was great, as it added another layer of depth to Kara’s boss. Actually, this is one place where the episodes airing out of order worked well together; after hearing how terrible Cat’s mother was, it was nice to see that she does all she can to support her son. Also, Carter’s interplay with Kara and Winn was adorable.

Meanwhile, the James/Lucy scenes were solid as well, if a bit predictable. Really, even without seeing the next episode, it’s pretty clear that the two of them will be getting back together by episode’s end; how else are the writers to keep James and Kara apart for a while?

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