Gotham “The Son of Gotham” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)

Gotham 3

As we edge closer to the fall finale of “Gotham,” the ducks- or should I say, the bats? – are lined up in a row for a suitably crazy last episode with this penultimate episode, “The Son of Gotham.” First and foremost, as per expected, it was indeed confirmed that the mysterious monks that arrived in Gotham last week were indeed the famed “Sacred Order of St. Dumas,” as predicted some time ago by most, myself included. (What else could it have been, really?)

Further, Theo Galavant also confirmed that he was, in fact, a descendant of the Dumas family, hence the Order coming to town to help him out with the final steps in his devious plan, which would seem to be to take out Bruce Wayne altogether, aka the titular “son of Gotham.” Once done, apparently, this will fulfill some sort of prophecy in the process: “The blood of the nine will wash away the sin” and “the city will be cleansed,” whatever that means.

Well, actually, the former quote refers to the nine people killed, or to put it in the parlance of the monks, “sacrificed,” I suppose, for the “greater good.” All concerned seemed to have been of the villainous variety, though why their villainy trumps the villainy of the Order themselves escapes me. But then, you can’t reason with a crazy person, much less what amounts to a crazy cult, so there you go. Cults are gonna do what a cult’s gonna do, right?

No word on whether Theo is their “Azrael,” but I imagine we’ll find out in the finale soon enough. As for other background on the Order, I’ve already gone into this before, but you can find out more for yourself here, if you so choose. Suffice it to say, they date back to the Crusades, and are a faction of the Knights of Templar, so basically, religious warrior knights, in a nutshell.

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In this iteration, they also seem to be into the whole self-flagellation thing- think that creepy albino monk guy in “The Da Vinci Code.” So, in other words, they inflict pain on themselves, and can also withstand a lot of it, as seen when Gordon stabbed one and he didn’t even flinch, and then later willingly walked right into traffic, killing himself instantly. Now that’s faith!

That’s also completely insane, but that should go without saying, I suppose. (I’ll spare you the spiel about how this relates to both current and not-so-distant past IRL situations and scenarios, as I’m sure you can get into all that on your own.)

In the end, despite Gordon and Bullock’s best efforts, not only did most of the monks get away, but so did Theo himself, who beat the charges against him when Mayor James recanted his original testimony and fingered the Penguin for his kidnapping instead. No sooner was he released than Gordon attacked him, and no sooner did Gordon attack him than he was apprehended by some dirty cops, who promptly tased him into unconsciousness and tied him up in some out-of-the-way warehouse or the like.

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There, Theo, like all typical comic book/Bond villains, explained who he really was and the gist of his plan, albeit minus some key details, like who the “son of Gotham” was, though I suspect that Gordon already figured that out on his own.

Then he set Gordon free and told him to take his best shot, which would typically be the point during which the hero rallies to defeat the bad guy, but not so here, as this is “Gotham” we’re talking about, so naturally Gordon had his butt handed to him by Theo. Only then did Theo bail to head over to Bruce’s house, to finish his “plan,” or at least the last phase of the first part of it.

However, naturally, rather than killing Gordon, he made the typical mistake of all villains and left the killing to his henchmen, and no sooner had he left than the day was saved for Gordon by a rescue team. But, once again, in typically nutty “Gotham” fashion, his rescuers weren’t the cops but the Penguin’s men, who took out Theo’s men and absconded with Gordon. From the looks of next week’s finale, Gordon will be banding together with the Penguin to defeat Theo and company, instead of going to the cops for back-up, which should be interesting.

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Meanwhile, as all this was happening, Bruce was implementing a clever plan of his own, with a nice assist from Selina and a pal of hers, Tom, played by “Sons of Anarchy” and “Revenge”-vet Tommy Flanagan, here seemingly playing another gangster type. Tom “kidnaps” both Bruce and Silver, threatening them both, only to turn out to be hired by Bruce in order to fool Silver into giving up the name Theo has supposedly mentioned as to who had been involved with his parents’ death: M. Malone, or so she says.

Given that she didn’t give it up until she herself was in danger, I think that it’s safe to say she’s telling the truth, though Theo might have intentionally leaked the name just to test her to see if she was still trustworthy. He needn’t have worried, as Silver was cold as ice right up until the end, when Tom threatened to take off one of her fingers. Only then did she crack, but who can blame her? I can’t imagine Theo will see it that way, though, so I wouldn’t count on Silver being around much longer.


Likewise, Alfred and Tabby the Tigress also got into it, and neither one fared too well, with Alfred ending up getting stabbed multiple times, and I think Tigress took yet another bullet, if I’m not mistaken. All because he was out looking for Bruce, who Tigress didn’t even know the location of, being as how he was off doing his faux kidnapping thing at the time. Whoops!

About the only other thing that happened was the continuation of the Ed and Penguin dynamic, which entered the realm of near-parody, to amusing effect, as the latter kept bugging the former incessantly, to the point where you could tell Ed was about at his wits’ end. “Who’s Sorry Now?” indeed.

On the plus side, Ed did keep it together enough to seemingly throw Dr. Thompkins off of Kris Kringle’s scent, lying to her and telling Dr. T. she’d run off with Officer Dougherty and that he was heartbroken. Not entirely sure she bought it, but she accepted it- for now. I do think that Ed was well aware that she didn’t buy it, either, as evidenced by his telling Penguin to throw out her glasses, which Ed had kept for a memento of sorts.

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That was about it, but it certainly sets the stage for a big showdown between the Penguin and Gordon and company to go up against Theo and the Order and their people, which should be something. All in all, a solid episode, though I did suspect that Bruce was up to something with Selina, so I wasn’t entirely fooled by the whole kidnapping thing. Still, nice work by Natalie Alyn Lind, who turned on a dime from “helpless victim” to a vicious brat in impressive fashion. Remind me to stay on Silver’s good side!

So, what do you think will happen on the fall finale of “Gotham”? Will Theo be defeated? Or will he get the better of Gordon and get away to continue his nefarious plan undeterred? Will Penguin get his revenge on Theo? Will the Captain get wind of Gordon teaming up with the Penguin? Can the crazy Order of St. Dumas be stopped? What will they get up to next? Are they in cahoots with someone else we don’t know about yet? I can’t imagine Bruce won’t emerge unscathed, for obvious reasons, but will Alfred survive yet another onslaught? Or Tigress, for that matter? Sound off below and see you next week for the big finale!