Four Reasons I am Happy the Mid-Season Hiatus is Almost Here!

Supernatural, Rosemary and Thyme, Childhood's End, The Expanse

In past years, I have written about the mid-season hiatus and what I did to cope with the loss of programming. Others have also weighed in on how to survive the void. We were less than thrilled with the short seasons and long breaks either between seasons or from the first half of the season to the second half. However, this year is different. I am actually happy that the hiatus is almost here for many of the shows I watch! Certainly life always changes. This year brought a change in work location and work hours and I now have less time at home. To compound the issue is the fact there seems to be an explosion of great programming.

The result of this is a full DVR; in fact, I had to delete a bunch of things after it failed to tape 3 hours of programming this past week due to lack of space. Some of the programs on the DVR have been there since the show premiered in the fall. Part of me may be thinking the hitherto unthinkable – if the show gets canceled, those programs will just be deleted! Even though I know others do this, for me it is a totally foreign concept I never imagined ever considering.

Let’s take a look at my reasons for welcoming the hiatus.

Catch Up on Saved Shows


Seriously, there seems to be an overabundance of good programming this year. Or maybe it is just a case of programming that interests me, and this situation would not apply to others. I know I was upset last year because many of the shows I was watching, both new and old, were canceled or ended their run. And while I am not following as many new shows this year as last, enough of my favorites did return to keep my DVR busy! In fact some nights there are eight programs that get taped!

Currently I have been giving my viewing attention primarily to my returning favorites such as Supernatural, The Flash, Fargo, and The Walking Dead, just to name a few, and have been saving mostly new programs such as Limitless and Minority Report for catch up viewing.

Watch Some New Shows

childhoods end the expanse

The networks sometimes premiere new shows in December, just not at the same frequency as in the fall and spring, or even summer now! And, I am not just talking about holiday fare, although you can be sure there will plenty of that during December. No, I am talking about new series and mini-series.

For example, Syfy Channel is bringing us a mini-series based on the Arthur C. Clarke book Childhood’s End. As it turns out, that was one of my favorite books when I was a teen and I am extremely excited to see what they do with it! In addition, Syfy is premiering a new series called The Expanse; base on a series of books I am not familiar with. Nonetheless I am excitedly anticipating it based on what I have read.

Check Out My Want to Watch List

Rosemary And Thyme

If you are anything like me, you have family and friends who are recommending programs. I have mentioned this in my articles before. Thanks to my friends and family, I have found some shows I love that were airing but were flying under my radar! The main problem is that I like to watch a show from the beginning, not jump into the middle, although I have done that successfully with a few shows; notably Justified, The Closer and Stargate SG-1.

Anyway, I have created a list of programs that I want to watch whenever the cosmic gods give me some extra time. A programming hiatus does seem like a gift then, doesn’t it? Of course, it will be December, and for my family, it is a time of holiday madness, so exactly how much extra time I will have to check out those programs is up in the air, but still, any opportunity to see them is a good thing. Included in the programs I want to check out are The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Doc Martin, and Rosemary and Thyme.

Reconsider my Viewing Priorities

Rodan's The Thinker

With my time being more limited, I suppose it is only natural for me to start reconsidering which programs are actually worth my time. When you have more time to spend watching TV you don’t have to be as discriminating in your preferences. But, as time becomes limited, that changes. I have always been pretty hesitant about dropping shows, but recently did leave one behind.

I need to spend some time prioritizing what is important to me in a TV program, and also looking at what annoys me about certain shows. For instance, I have recently come to realize that something that really bothers me is the continual back and forth, on-again, off-again romances that I am seeing on some of the shows I watch. Make up your minds, people! This was the reason I stopped watching Beauty and The Beast and Switched at Birth. Some other programs seem to be starting down that path and I hope they pull back before I find it necessary to leave them behind!


Are you looking forward to the upcoming hiatus in programming? If you are, please tell me your reasons. If you are not, then also please tell me your reasons – I love hearing from you!