The Originals “Out of the Easy” Review (Season 3 Episode 7)

THE ORIGINALS Out of the Easy

On the latest episode of “The Originals” and the second Thanksgiving-themed episode of the night on the CW- see also “The Vampire Diaries”– the gang ostensibly sat down for a would-be truce to discuss their differences and hopefully avoid a war breaking out, in “Out of the Easy.” Of course, that was easier said than done, to say the least. In other words, vampire Thanksgivings aren’t much different from human ones!

We basically picked up where we left off, with everyone but Klaus frantically looking for Rebekah, as he found out the truth from Aurora. But was it the entire truth? Meanwhile, Marcel was sent to confront Davina, in hopes of getting her to hear the voice of reason and leave town until the turmoil was over, at least in the short term, so that Lucien and Tristan couldn’t use her for their nefarious devices. Naturally, Davina wasn’t having it, so it was clear more radical methods would be needed in order to get her to leave.

Elijah, upon hearing what was going on with Klaus and Aurora, was less than convinced of Klaus’ own methods, so he proposed a radical approach of his own: inviting their enemies for a sit-down, under the guise of a Thanksgiving dinner. The three agreed, with Aurora taunting brother Tristan when the coffin that was supposed to contain Rebekah arrived, sans the body, and she admitted what she’d done, proffering up one of two envelopes containing what she mysteriously referred to as “insurance.” Needless to say, Tristan was not amused.

Lucien, in the meantime, continued to hold Camille hostage, still waiting for the vervain to drain from her system, in order to be able to compel her to forget what she knew and do his bidding. However, the Thanksgiving feast was looming, so he had to get her a “babysitter,” in the form of the hulking Anton (Antwan Mills, “Furious 7”). Upon leaving, Lucien informed Anton to kill Cami if he didn’t return by nightfall. Needless to say, this did not go over well with Cami.

Also not going over well was Hayley’s announcing she was to attend said feast, which Jackson made her promise not to do. Naturally, she completely went against his wishes and did it anyway, and with that, the get-together proceeded forward, with Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Tristan, Lucien, Aurora and Hayley all present and accounted for.

Elijah kicked things off by declaring that they should ally together not turn against one another, and, in the spirit of full disclosure, challenged Tristan and Lucien to admit they were working together, which they continued to deny. However, they did confess to be behind the whole faux serial killer thing, claiming it was to scare off tourists and lead to the vampires banding together.

Lucien also admitted he had Camille back at his place, and had framed her for the murders in order to get a hold of the medallion and that she would be killed if he didn’t return home safely at a particular time. This naturally did not go over well with Klaus, which, in turn, did not go unnoticed by Aurora. Lucien also noted that his scare tactics had also landed them what amounted to an informant on the police force, as he had compelled Detective Kinney as well, so something good had already come out of his actions.

Tristan, Lucien and Aurora also told the Originals that they’d managed to find a way to protect themselves from further compulsion from them, after the whole Elijah debacle cost them years of wandering in fear, thinking they were the Originals and not themselves. Tristan also confirmed what the Originals already knew: that part of their plan involved sealing them away so that they could not be harmed by their enemies, thus protecting themselves in the process, as it would render it impossible for their respective sire lines to be quashed.

THE ORIGINALS Out of the Easy

Meanwhile, Vincent, at Marcel’s behest, pulled a fast one on Davina, confronting her about her actions as of late, notably in killing Kara. She also announced she’d do it again in a heartbeat, if anyone dared to go against her. Unfortunately for her, she did so within earshot of her main coven, which caused them to revolt against her, eventually outright banishing her from New Orleans and “separating” her from her ancestors in the process, which left Davina both nowhere near as powerful as she had been, as well as miserable and seemingly alone.

Aurora finally came clean about Rebekah’s whereabouts- sort of. According to her, Rebekah was down at the bottom of the ocean, in an undisclosed location, which even she didn’t know the exact location of. The aforementioned “insurance” turned out to be the longitude of said location, while Tristan had the latitude.

Ergo, if any harm came to either one of them, the Mikaelsons would never be able to find Rebekah, nor could either Aurora or Tristan find Rebekah on their own, and since Aurora and Tristan were themselves feuding, it insured that neither could use Rebekah as a pawn in their respective games, at least to a certain extent.

Eventually, everyone separates, with Tristan trying to talk Klaus into walling up his family to protect their respective sire lines, just for a year, until things boil over. Klaus thinks he just wants him to do so because he’ll be more vulnerable without his siblings to back him up. Tristan points out that Klaus has fared just fine without them before and likely will again.

THE ORIGINALS Out of the Easy

Meanwhile, Elijah tried to get Lucien to give up the medallion, while Lucien pointed out that Klaus had a soft spot for Aurora and was never going to do what needed to be done because he was blinded by that. Lucien claimed that Klaus would eventually betray Elijah, rather than be betrayed himself, in an effort to thwart the prophecy.

Of course, Elijah pointed out that the prophecy was derived from Alexis, who was loyal to Lucien, so for all they knew, it could be a ploy on Lucien’s part to try and manipulate them. Upon reuniting, Klaus declares that all is well, but then promptly breaks Tristan’s neck, informing Aurora that, if she doesn’t find a way to return Rebekah to them, he’ll outright kill him. Until then, Tristan would be staying put.

Klaus then ordered Lucien to take him to Cami immediately, or he’d also kill him. Alas, Cami isn’t much for being held hostage, so she cuts off Anton’s fingers, including the one with his daylight ring, exposes him to sunlight, and makes a run for it. Unfortunately for her, Aurora, having picked up on Klaus’ feelings for her earlier, is waiting for her, and absconds with Cami before Klaus and Lucien can arrive.

Klaus isn’t happy, so as a peace offering of sorts, Lucien presents him with the medallion, which Rebekah failed to retrieve, in her haste to get out of there quickly. Lucien tells Klaus that he believes that, when all is said and done, Tristan’s loyalty to his sister Aurora outweighs any alliance he and Lucien might have, and that they would do better to form an alliance of their own. Klaus later informs Elijah of everything that’s going on, but Elijah remains dubious of trusting any of them and clearly has the beginnings of a plan of some sort to rectify the overall situation.

Jackson also takes off to the Bayou when he realizes that Hayley will always pick helping the Originals over him and his wishes, while Marcel asks Vincent to look after Davina as best as he can, as she’ll need all the help she can get, in light of her banishment. That was the main points of the episode, so, as is plainly obvious, this was all about reshuffling the deck, and realigning the main characters for what is to come, which is to say, it was mostly exposition city.

Not that it was a bad episode- it had its moments. I liked when Aurora was being tortured and she said: “I haven’t felt pain since the 1700’s- it kind of tickles.” Lol. But overall, there was too much talk and not enough action, which is usually not the case on the show. More often than not, they find a way to balance both, but aside from a few minor scuffles between most everyone concerned, there were no real action set-pieces here.


The takedown of Anton by Cami was really as close as we got, and that all happened pretty quickly. So, go figure, “The Vampire Diaries” won this particular round in the end, at least in terms of overall entertainment value. What’s more, aside from the whole Rebekah location thing, it didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know, quite frankly, so the whole episode, as a result, was a bit of a bust. Even worse, we have to wait a few weeks for the next one, because of the real Thanksgiving. I know what I’m NOT thankful for this year!

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. It wasn’t a terrible episode, just a bit on the meh side. Hopefully, the next episode will deliver, now that everyone is essentially on the same page, though I don’t doubt that most everyone is still keeping secrets of some kind, as is the nature of the show. Whatever the case, the preview for the next episode looked to be interesting, as the gang tries desperately to get Cami back by any means necessary, including foisting Hayley on Tristan. That should make for an interesting episode, to be sure.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Did I miss anything you picked up on? What do you think will happen next? Does everyone concerned have a hidden agenda that we don’t know about? Or are they being more honest than we think? Will the Mikaelsons be able to track down Rebekah on their own? Will they get Cami back? Will Davina leave town? Will she ever reunite with her coven? Will Vincent and she make amends after what he did? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you in a few weeks!

Also, keep an eye out for a special Thanksgiving column next week comparing and contrasting this show with “The Vampire Diaries,” which should be up by next Wednesday!