The Amazing Race “It’s Always the Quiet Ones” Review (Season 27 Episode 9)

THE AMAZING RACE It's Always The Quiet Ones

The Amazing Race rarely shows us any footage from the pit stops, but that was the case tonight when “It’s Always the Quiet Ones” started. We got a little scene between Team Texas and the Cheerleaders, as they talked about the possibility of the upcoming U-turn and how they’re due some good karma based off of what happened in this last leg. I’m not sure why they think that being bad race-runners makes them due for good karma. It isn’t like anything particularly bad or unfair happened to them. They just kinda suck at this game. However, you’d think the only reason they’d show a scene like this is because they’re foreshadowing some good karma coming up in the next leg.

If Krista thought she was due any good karma, she certainly counteracted all of it in the first few minutes. It’s always very uncomfortable when somebody doubles down on a lie like Krista did tonight. Not only did she lie about not U-Turning the Green Team, but then she gets mad at the paparazzi for telling them. It was just crappy of everybody involved. Crappy of her to lie and then double down on it, crappy of the paparazzi for telling the Green Team, and then crappy for the Green Team to blab to the Cheerleaders right away. Yuck.

The teams made their way to New Delhi, and we learned the new twist of how Team Texas will serve their Speed Bump. I’ve never seen a Road Block where both team members had to complete it for the Speed Bump, but I thought that was a pretty nifty way to handle it. The Speed Bumps have always been hit and miss in the past, with most of them really just a silly time-waster that looks like it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. I assumed that when they said they both had to complete it that they would be allowed to perform the task at the same time. Unfortunately that was not the case, so having to wait for one to finish put them way at the back of the pack. If they both got to perform at the same time then they would still have been at a disadvantage because they’d be exhausted, plus one of them might have lagged behind. The Speed Bumps have usually been a little too easy in the past, but this seemed like way too big of a disadvantage.

The Detour was a split between a hard work task of making candy and a finesse/balance task of stacking cans. Most people were too scared of the prospect of getting lost on the busy streets of New Delhi, but that didn’t seem like an issue whatsoever. The hardest part was stacking and tying those cans, but then they just seemed to bike in a straight line. I think Kelsey and Joey hit a bump once, but that was about as precarious as it got.

Speaking of Kelsey and Joey, they made the biggest move of the leg and U-turned the beleaguered Team Texas. They already got screwed by the hardest Speed Bump in Amazing Race history, but then they had to do complete both Detours! They tried to fake us out by making it look like Denise and James Earl were pretty close, but I never believed their fancy editing for a second.

Team Texas made a lot of mistakes, and they really should have gone home last week. Apparently the Race gods agreed, giving them one of the worst legs ever. I’m sure we’ll see them in an All Stars season pretty soon, though!

What did you guys think of the episode?

Random Thoughts:

– As annoying as Justin can be, I did crack up when he yelled “Mooooove” at the cow and then looked at Diana for a laugh and she didn’t even acknowledge him.

– Man, I did not see the paparazzi sticking around for this long!

– I was really digging Phil’s red shirt today! Nice!