The Flash “Gorilla Warfare” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)

The Flash Gorilla Warfare

Alright, it’s once again time for me to be upfront about the rose-colored glasses I came into this episode of The Flash with. As I mentioned every time he appeared last season, Gorilla Grodd is one of my all-time favorite supervillains, so seeing him in live action is always a treat. So, yeah, I was super-excited to see him return in “Gorilla Warfare” this week. However, I promise my Grodd enthusiasm didn’t keep me from noticing some of the flaws in this week’s episode.

First and foremost, what was treated as a huge cliffhanger last week – Barry being unable to feel his legs – was quickly brushed aside early in this episode. Sure, Barry was stuck using Wells’ old wheelchair for a while, but the show was quick to let us see that his super-healing would have him back to top speed before too long. I get the impulse to keep the show from going without its superhero for too long, but I expected them to hold the drama at least for an episode.

Instead, the majority of Barry’s problems this week were mental, with his absolute defeat at the hands of Zoom leaving him unsure that he can still be the hero. This led to the second weird aspect of this week’s episode, as Henry returned to town to give his son a pep talk… before once again skipping town. At least this episode gave a better explanation of why Henry left town in the first place, but it still feels like Henry doesn’t fully want to be a part of his son’s life.

And while I hate to keep harping on Barry, his insistence to not tell Patty his secret has officially moved into eye-roll territory, especially following his reveal to Linda last week. She’s too smart and too self-assured to put up with his guff for long, so hopefully she’ll start asking harder questions or be let in on the secret before too much longer.

Other than the Barry material, though, this was a solid episode, and not just because of the villain. For one, we finally got to see a softer side of Harry. For as big a jerk as he’s been, it seems like he’s being won over by the STAR Labs team, at least enough that he’s not desperate to go running back to his home dimension. (Side point: is Jay even still on Earth-1? Where’s he been hiding himself if he is?)

The star of the episode was Grodd, though, who continues to look great given the show’s limited budget. Here, he once again proved a massive threat to the city with his psychic powers and physical strength, though the show also helped humanize the lonely beast a bit. Of course, the highlight – and my personal geek-out moment of the week – came at the very end, as Grodd was sent to the Earth-2 location of Gorilla City. It was enough of a tease to promise plenty more primate hijinks in the future.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!