Survivor “Witches Coven” Review (Season 31 Episode 9)

SURVIVOR Witches Coven

Following what was by far the best episode and by far the best tribal last week, Survivor had a lot to live up to tonight with “Witches Coven”. I had a huge smile on my face the whole tribal last week, and I was hoping tonight’s episode would ride that high.

The group returned from last week’s tumultuous tribal and everyone’s new favorite player Kelly Wentworth had to do some immediate damage control to try to dial back all of her gloating from last week. Thankfully her big move was so darn impressive that the rest of the tribe didn’t seem too upset about Savage getting blindsided. It’s interesting that the appearance of an idol seemed to have reinvigorated everyone’s interest in finding one, though. I guess everybody had just figured that they weren’t even hiding any this season, but now that their existence is confirmed it’s open season!

The reward challenge was yet another rehash of a recent season’s challenge. I do kinda enjoy Jeff dropping all those stats of who won and lost previous incarnations, but it’s a little annoying seeing their lack of originality. I know it’s been 31 seasons and the well of ideas might be running dry, but they’re being pretty blatant of rehashing their old ideas. However, you’d think that with two of the participants having already played this challenge, you would have those two be the first two picks on your team. Nope! Both Tasha AND Spencer were on the same team, so the other team deserved to be blown out because they were stupid about picking a terrible team.

Jeremy found another clue to a hidden idol, and I was really interested to see how they hid the idol at a challenge with only a few other people there and less of a diversion. Unfortunately, they’re not doing that anymore! I was totally bummed! I was hoping you’d still have to find one in public and have the whole risk/reward factor in play, but walking away to find one in the dark is not the same thing. The clue made it sound like it was such a risky proposition to walk away at nighttime and walk to the well-lit idol. They tried to edit in some drama and suspense, but then Jeremy just said he had to take a crap and that was it. End of suspense. He just walked straight to his idol and put it in his pocket. It was definitely nowhere near as exciting as when Jeremy and Wentworth took them during the challenges, so hopefully the next idol can be back at a challenge.

The immunity challenge was yet another rehash from Tasha and Spencer’s season, where they all had to stand on a triangular box for as long as possible. Unbelievably, Joe won his third immunity necklace in a row! This guy has a very real shot at meeting or beating the five win record. That wasn’t even the coolest part of this challenge, though. I loved Jeff’s awesome reveal when he cut that rope and those buoys surfaced with the promised advantage attached. I figured it was just going to be like the advantage that Dan got last season where he got an extra vote, but Stephen got an even bigger advantage! The ability to remove somebody else’s vote and replace it with one of your own almost seems like too big of an advantage, and it’s certainly a huge game changer. Not only that, but I have confidence enough in Stephen that he’s going to be smart enough to know how to use it properly, so I can’t wait to see if or how he’ll play it.

Wigglesworth being sent home was a bit of a shock to me. We really haven’t seen much screen time from Wigglesworth this season, but the “three witches” and Stephen and just about everybody else was lauding her incredible social game and relationships, but we haven’t seen any of that! It’s kind of lame when somebody goes home for some quality they had that you had no idea they possessed. I was fine with her going home after I heard her annoying “this game isn’t my style” sendoff speech. All right, Kelly. Good riddance.

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Random Thoughts:

– If Kimmi wants to call Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi a “Witches Coven”, at least pronounce “coven” correctly. Is there an alternate pronunciation of “coven” where you pronounce the O as a long O? I’ve certainly never heard it before.

– They seem to be rehashing a LOT of challenges from the Brain vs. Beauty vs. Brawn season, huh? It seems like just about every challenge has been played by Spencer and Tasha before.

– I know that Stephen Fishbachs whole thing in both this season and his previous season is that he’s a scrawny little nerd among a sea of buff alpha males, but the dude is looking pretty cut nowadays! Maybe he’s just starving and it’s making his muscles more pronounced.