NCIS “Day in Court” Review (Season 13, Episode 9)

Day in Court

For anyone convicted of a crime, they not only relish but also dread their day in court.

In the case of Kyle Friedgen, a young Marine believed to have murdered a former girlfriend, he got his day in court, and due to an unexpected mistake by the State’s Attorney, he was released on a technicality. That wasn’t enough for him, though, as he went to NCIS – via Gibbs – seeking to be court martialed. Crazy, right?

He got his freedom, but turned right around, relinquishing it – all in an effort to prove his innocence and get his very pregnant wife back. Speaking of his wife, believing that he was truly guilty of the crime, she left him high and dry.

I have to wonder if after the truth came out – that the State’s Attorney was the real murderer – if the wife will take her falsely accused husband back?

Did you guys see that coming from the beginning? Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching TV for so many decades or just because some episodes are just too predictable, but I had my doubts about the State’s Attorney from the moment he admitted he made the mistake that allowed Friedgen to go free. And then when Tony’s former snitch, Cheech, shared that the victim was getting “busy” with some suit from uptown, well, my radar was on full alert, directing my attention straight at Wyner.

Elsewhere in the episode, we learned that Abby has a very unusual fear: being tickled by a feather (say what?!) and, of course, Tony learned that secret from an inadvertently careless McGee, who let it slip. I don’t know much about odd phobias, but being afraid of being tickled by a feather seems very odd. What do you think?

And then there is the whole issue with Jake and Ellie. Their relationship woes have been building up over this season. I have to admit that I was really hoping it was nothing more than work related. That they cannot share details with each other now that Ellie works for NCIS while Jake is still with the NSA. But when he revealed that he was having an affair with Taylor – the woman from the NSA’s Internal Affairs – I felt just as betrayed as Ellie. I really thought that for once the show was going to have one very secure, happy couple in the show, but I guess that’s not the case.

More unexpected than anything else was the fact that Ellie decided to leave, heading back home to Oklahoma. Maybe she thinks that by getting out of Washington, D.C. that she can heal and move forward, but without facing what Jake did, I don’t think she’s going to start to heal from his betrayal.

What did you think about Jake’s confession? There is still one small part of me that wants to believe that he is making up to protect Ellie, but perhaps I am just being overly optimistic. Please share your thoughts about last night’s episode in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 13th season of ‘NCIS’ will air on CBS on Monday, November 24 at 8/7c.

Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo
Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto
Sean Murray as Tim McGee
Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop
Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer
Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance
David McCallum as Dr. Donald Mallard

Guest stars:
Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Carrie Clark
Jeremy Ratchford as Detective Malone
Kelly Blatz as Kyle Friedgen
Tug Coker as State’s Attorney Alan Wyner
Erinn Westbrook as Hanna Friedgen
Billy “Sly” Williams as Cheech
Tom Choi as Commander Bradley Hall
Miles Wood as Detective Green
Lindsey McKeon as Taylor Matthews
Jamie Bamber as Jake Malloy