Supergirl “Livewire” Review (Season 1 Episode 4)


Supergirl is settling into a nice groove as the show moves along. Though they’re not as focused on its own larger narrative as some other superhero shows on TV, the writers are putting a lot of work into further developing the characters and their relationships to one another. As such, “Livewire” ended up as a great episode for Cat and Alex, giving the two some much needed development.

While Cat Grant has had a few strong moments so far, this episode went a long way towards fleshing her out. Not only did she actually see Kara as something more than a walking coffee delivery system, but some legitimate bonds began to form between the two. Cat has always pushed herself so hard because of her relationship with her mother, and in turn that’s led her to being equally cold and distant with her underlings. However, after seeing how that led Leslie to become Livewire, she’s decided to be a little warmer, even if she stays as demanding as ever.

Livewire’s relationship to Cat helped to explain her turn evil, but not enough that it didn’t seem a bit out of nowhere. Leslie certainly wasn’t a nice person, but her turn to full-killer was a stretch. That aside, though, Livewire made for a great villain, one that was bolstered by a great performance and stellar lightning effects. She gave Kara a real run for her money, and I hope we get to see her again down the road.

Meanwhile, it was Thanksgiving this week, which meant a visit from Kara and Alex’s mother Eliza. Though Eliza couldn’t be prouder of Kara for being a hero, she was much harder on Alex for seemingly failing to protect Kara from letting her secret get out. The dynamic here was fairly standard mother/daughter material, but it was boosted by the flashback scenes. Here, we learned a bit more about Kara and Alex’s childhood, while also learning that the DEO has been a part of Kara’s life for even longer than she realized.

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