‘Once Upon a Time’ (Season 5): From Villain to Hero and Back Again

Hook and Emma

The truth behind what Emma Swan – the Dark One herself – has been up to on Once Upon a Time since she turned, since she allowed the darkness within her to take over, came to light in Sunday night’s episode.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of the fairytale drama, please tread lightly!!

After being sliced by Excalibur, Hook was affected by the darkness, turning him into a Dark One too, but Emma wouldn’t allow him or any of the others know that because she planned on reversing him and herself if it was the last thing she did.

Sadly, her well-devised plan backfired all thanks to Zelena, the Wicked Witch herself, who found Emma’s dreamcatcher, which held the truth of what took place in Camelot before they were all returned to the Enchanted Forest with their memories, once again, wiped clear.

This all means that Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook, has gone from being a villain to a hero and back again all because of Emma Swan.

When we were first introduced to Hook, he was the Captain of the ship Jolly Roger, who was battling the then Dark One Rumpelstiltskin because his wife Milah left him for the black-clad, eyeliner-wearing pirate. He was also working with the Evil Queen’s (aka Regina) mother against Emma and Snow White.

But as time went along, Hook began to change because of his feelings for Emma. It took the Savior (what Emma was known as before she broke the initial spell over the inhabitants of Storybrooke, Maine) a little longer to accept her feelings for the once bad-boy pirate, but accept it she did and they became a loving couple.

In fact, their relationship was so strong that Hook was obviously planning for a future with Emma because he got them a white-picket fence house in Storybrooke. Yep, the very house that Emma has been using as her base of operations as the Dark Swan is the house where he believed they would have a future together.

All together now… ah!!!! How sweet and charming and loving, right?!

But now that it has been revealed that Hook is also a Dark One, what does that mean for their relationship? How bad will he become now that he is, essentially, a villain again? Do we really want to see just how bad Captain Hook can be when he is consumed with the ultimate Darkness? Will Emma be able to save them, allowing them to have their happily ever after?

What do you think about this twist in the story? It’s not just the Dark Swan that has to be dealt with. It’s not just the Wicked Witch that has to be dealt with. Now it is also Captain Hook, maxed out on the Darkness, that will have to be reckoned with; and the showdown is, undoubtedly, going to be brutal. Pleas share your thoughts on where you think the show will be going next?

‘Once Upon a Time’ will air the next episode of its fifth season on ABC on Sunday, November 29 at 8/7c.