The Good Wife “Driven” Review (Season 7 Episode 7)


The Good Wife returned tonight with “Driver”, as Alicia dealt with her biggest case yet and Peter moved back in to the apartment! We also got introduced to Vanessa Williams’ character and Jackie got engaged! Wow!

Let’s get to the case of the week first, as it was actually a pretty good one this time! There have been many cases on this show that involve the most recent technological advances, and this one was no different. Self-driving cars have been a recent controversy that was totally ripe for this show, and what we got here was really great. I also know that there’s very little reason for this to ever happen, but I hope that Mr. Dudewitz comes back to the show at some point. Maybe they can bring him back as an expert witness or something, because that guy was golden. I’m still not entirely clear on whatever Louis Canning is doing here, though. He keeps referring business to Alicia, in what I can only assume is a continued attempt to get her to partner with him. However, it’s not 100% clear why exactly he loves her so much. I’m sure there’s lots of other great attorneys out there he could work with instead, but he seems to have developed some kind of fixation on her. He even hands out her business cards for her! It sure looked like Alicia was going to burn that bridge for good when she turned on Louis’ client, but thankfully it ended with both of their clients winning so Canning will continue to refer people to her, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, back at home, we finally got the big meeting we’ve been waiting for, when Jason finally met Peter! I was afraid that this was going to be much more awkward than it was since they cut to commercial right when Peter walked in, but both men handled it perfectly. I’m still pretty sure that we’re inching ever closer to a Jason/Alicia romance, but tonight Peter was the one getting lucky instead! I’m loving every little new thing that we see from Jason, which today involved him becoming very defensive when asked to sign a liability release contract. As swarthy and handsome as he is, the guy clearly has some serious hangups that Alicia has yet to learn.

On the campaign front, we were introduced to Vanessa Williams’ character Courtney Boalt. I do love Williams and I was hoping to love her character, but instead she seems like a carbon copy of Maura Tierney’s character Maddie Hayward from a couple years back. She’s a superrich businesswoman that’s all about female empowerment, she decides (at first) that she’s interested in backing Peter, but she doesn’t appear to be entirely impressed with him personally. This is exactly what Maddie was like a few years ago, so let’s hope that Courtney doesn’t end up deciding to run against Peter as well!

I’m also not 100% sold on this whole storyline with Alicia being on the democratic committee. I don’t buy her being allowed to be involved period, what with her husband running for President and all. It seems like a huge conflict of interest. On top of that, I couldn’t care less which company she votes for or whatever. I don’t see how it affects anybody else on this show, or what the stakes are here. I assume that Alicia being Alicia, she’s going to do something that’s going to piss Landau off and he’ll try to make good on his threat to “hurt” her and Peter. It beats me why she couldn’t just raise her hand like she said she would since it seems to be a pretty silly issue.

Despite these few fumbles, there was a lot of great smaller personal moments throughout the episode. It was a hilarious twist to find out that Howard had actually proposed to Jackie. Both of those characters are so outlandish and crazy on this show that it might make sense for them to get married, honestly. It also cracked me up that they decided to celebrate Grace’s birthday several months early just because Eli blurted out something about a birthday. I’m really enjoying the increased focus on Makenzie Vega as Grace, but I’m a little surprised that we’ve yet to check in with Zack over at Georgetown. I mean, his dad’s running for president, right? Don’t they trot the kids out at every single appearance and public function? Maybe Graham Phillips is busy, but it would be weird if we made it through this whole campaign without seeing him.

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Random Thoughts:

– Some pretty big news broke this week! Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan on The Walking Dead! I’m not sure if he’ll be able to stick around on The Good Wife past this season if he’s gonna be busy shooting in Atlanta, but I guess we’ll see. Hopefully all this experience playing a bad boy will be good training for playing the terrible villain Negan.

– Man, Margulies sure looks good! Definitely impressive for a woman pushing 50!

– It was a pretty funny coincidence that both Good Wife and CSI: Cyber had storylines dealing with cars getting hacked.