The Vampire Diaries “Best Served Cold” Review (Season 7 Episode 6)


On this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” Stefan and Damon teamed up- after a fashion, at least- to take on Julian (Todd Lasance), took a swing…and unfortunately missed, in “Best Served Cold.” Of course, if they had killed him right off, he wouldn’t have made for much of a Big Bad, so it’s just as well, really. Nonetheless, nice try, all around, on both the Salvatores and Julian’s ends.

It all began with Lily making the decidedly dubious decision not only to throw a party welcoming Julian back, but to actually go so far as to invite her sons and other enemies to it, under the guise of trying to broker a truce of sorts. Yeah, good luck with that. Needless to say, things went south pretty quickly.

What’s more, as Bonnie and Matt discovered, the truce was a total lie. Or, at the very least, someone had taken it upon themselves to take matters into their own hands and opted to compel a host of people to gather themselves in the abandoned high school and hook themselves up to IVs, presumably to drain themselves of blood for future consumption by the guilty party or parties. The obvious choice would be Julian, but I wouldn’t put it past Nora and Mary, either.

For once, though, I actually think Lily was in the dark on this one. She genuinely seems to want to end the constant warring and figure out a way to stop the madness before more lives are lost, particularly in regards to her family- or her heretic family, I should say. The problem is, not only is Damon gunning for her because of what she did to Elena, but both he and Stefan alike want Julian dead, which she wrongly assumes is revenge against her, but, as we know, is actually direct revenge on Stefan’s part against Julian for killing his unborn child in cold blood.

Indeed, so bloodthirsty was Stefan for revenge that he actually sidelined his own brother because he wanted to kill Julian himself and didn’t care much for Damon’s intention to go the long con route and kill Julian once he and Lily had time to get settled and complacent. In other words, when they least expected it. While I certainly understand Stefan’s desire to set things in motion much sooner, I think Damon’s plan was actually he better one, ultimately, as proved by the fact that Stefan’s approach failed miserably.


However, while that much wasn’t unexpected, for the reasons cited above, what was a bit surprising was that Julian not only basically handed both brother’s asses to them, but damn near took out Lily herself in his bloodlust. This led to Lily making Julian promise not to actively pursue trying to kill her sons, in spite of what they’d done, no doubt because she realizes she was indeed in the wrong in terms of what she did to Elena.

Granted, Damon did kill one of her beloved heretics, but she caused that to happen through her actions, so she really has no one but herself to blame for that one. I think she knows that, and the party was her attempt to make amends. The problems is, her and her “family” have already done so much damage that I’m not sure there’s any coming back from that. Factor in the fact that someone from her court is absolutely responsible for this high school thing, and that truce isn’t holding anytime soon.

We also got some eye-opening information that I must admit, I did not see coming. According to Valerie, who was hiding out with Alaric and faux Jo, it turns out that the real Jo’s babies might not be as dead as we once thought. I mean, technically they are absolutely dead, and died with their mother in body, but when Jo’s family did that chanting spell, it wasn’t just to try and protect Jo and themselves- it was to try and save the unborn twins.

So, in a truly WTF moment, it was revealed that the babies in question had somehow magically been transferred to…wait for it…none other than Caroline! Suddenly, those seemingly perplexing glimpses into the future started to finally add up. It would seem that future Caroline, in addition to working on a news broadcast as an anchor (and possibly a producer as well), was shacking up with Alaric in order to raise his/her kids together, as he was, after all, technically their father, despite the fact that, you know, he and Caroline never actually slept together!

Um, wow. Like I said, did NOT see that coming. How could you, really? So, that said, maybe I was a little tough on the show last week, though not as tough as I could have been, believe you me. While I’m not completely backing off on some of the points I made in that review- it still remains to be seen whether or not the whole “heretics” storyline is a thinly-veiled attempt to recreate the whole “Originals” plot, and I stand by my declaration that Bonnie and Enzo are a terrible idea- I’ll allow that the show might still have a few tricks up its sleeve yet.


I will also allow that I misread the situation last week completely that Lily and company were taking a wild shot in the dark in their attempt to get Julian back from within the Phoenix stone. As pointed out by some online, Nora and Mary, in knowing better how the stone worked, were actually able to pinpoint the spell needed in order to specifically bring Julian back.

Further, they also explained the “rules” of the stone much better this week as well, as Valerie pointed out that the reason Jo was having problems weren’t just limited to the fact that they brought back some rando vampire and plopped it down inside her instead of the real Jo, but the fact that they’d done so in a human body instead of an existing vampire. Because the vampire soul (or what have you) was incompatible with the human body, Jo’s body started to reject said vampire, and start rapidly falling apart in the process.

In doing so, Alaric was faced with the indignity of having to lose Jo yet again, even though it wasn’t really Jo at all. That couldn’t have been easy, but if there can be said to be a bright side under such circumstances, it did afford him the opportunity to figuratively say goodbye to his late wife in a sense, even if it wasn’t technically her in the first place.

It also gave Jo, who turned out to be a vampire named Florence, the opportunity to make her peace with dying, which she also never had the chance to do, having been killed out of nowhere, with only the vaguest recollection of how she’d died. Definitely a sad state of affairs all around, but if something good can be said to have come of it, it was the fact that, after blurting out something callously to Alaric and Jo/Florence, Valerie did discover that Alaric’s babies were still miraculously of this world somehow.

The interesting part of all this is that, after having lost his one chance at being a father all those years ago with Valerie, Stefan may now have a second chance at it, even if those babies have been co-opted by Alaric’s twins. That is, assuming that Alaric’s twins essentially possessed Caroline’s already existing ones that resulted from her and Stefan hooking up, rather than the twins simply magically appearing in her stomach, which I guess is also a possibility, especially given the fact that vampires probably can’t have kids and all. Then again, look at Bella- if we must. So, who knows, maybe it IS possible.

Until we know more, it’s hard to say, but until I’m proven wrong, I’m just going to assume those are Stefan’s babies and Alaric’s simply took them over, pseudo-“Exorcist” style. Feel free to offer up an alternate explanation if you feel so inclined, down below in the comments section. I’ve been wrong in these reviews before, and I’ll likely be wrong again, as it can be hard keeping all these various vampire legends straight, when so many of them exist: Bram Stoker’s, Anne Rice’s, “Buffy,” “True Blood,” and yes, “Twilight.”

Especially as how we’ve never encountered a vampire baby before on the show- although, we DID on “The Originals,” but those were very different circumstances involving vampire/werewolf hybrids, so there’s that. But, by all means, if you think you know better, let me know in the comments.


Those were the major plot points, though there was the allusion to Julian looking for something or the other in the late Oscar’s car, which I imagine will come into play sooner than later. Enzo also overheard this exchange, so he may well intercept and foil this plan of Julian’s if he gets there first.

There was also a seemingly out-of-nowhere flashback involving Stefan teaching someone named Jacob how to shoot, with the boy subsequently disappearing. I did do a little digging, and there was a Jacob previously mentioned on the show, who was a werewolf. That would be Jacob Lockwood, an ancestor of Tyler.

As no last name was mentioned, I’m not sure if this was him in the flashback, but it did say that Jacob Lockwood went missing in the forest at one point, which was when he was attacked by said werewolf in the first place. He was also a member of one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls, so this could well be him, and a reenactment of said incident.

We’ll just have to wait and see where this leads, but this could be a spin on a plot from the books, where Caroline also had twin babies, albeit under decidedly different circumstances, which I won’t get into, lest I spoil the books for those who’d like to read them. I will say that it involved Tyler’s character there as well, and they could easily substitute Alaric for him and do a variation of it on the show.

We already know that Alaric is, at the very least, helping to raise said kids in the future, and him and Caroline seem to indeed be involved, so that seems a fair assumption to make, even if they switched it up a bit in the show version. Either way, these are undeniably interesting developments and none too soon.

While I’ll allow that my objection to the show as of late might have been slightly premature, I also stand by my assertion that this needs to seriously differentiate itself from the previous “Originals” plotline to be genuinely interesting. Otherwise, it’s just a thinly-veiled attempt to replicate that success. Once again, we shall see.


Oh, and I don’t care that, as I was informed by several people online, that Enzo and Bonnie are a popular ‘shipper thing amongst certain people- I still think her and Damon would have been far more interesting, especially given their circumstances. But whatever. Fans are gonna ‘ship, ‘ship, ‘ship, and haters are gonna hate, hate, hate. I don’t love it myself, but maybe the show will make a case for it. Until then, not a fan, sorry. Deal with it!

All in all, I liked this episode way better than recent episodes of late. It had that twin twist that I seriously didn’t see coming, plus some seeds of impending plotlines that were likewise potentially interesting, though it remains to be seen if they actually are. But color me interested, and if next week’s episode seems like a full-on treading of water, I’m willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt in the short term, especially if they have more such twists in store. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good, comedic holiday episode?

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Did you see the twist coming? Did it go a long way towards saving the direction the show was headed for you, too? Or are you among the contingent that thought I was being a bit too hard on the show? For the record, which do you prefer: “TVD” or “The Originals”? I’d be curious to see where the ball drops on that front. It seems to me that the fans of “TVD” are more vocal, but fans of the latter are more passionate, but I could be wrong, you never know. Sound off, regardless, down below, and I’ll see you next week for the big Thanksgiving show!