The Originals “Beautiful Mistake” Review (Season 3 Episode 6)

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The war between “The Originals” and their sired foes began to heat up, literally and figuratively- Shen, we hardly knew ye- in the aptly-titled “Beautiful Mistake.” We began with a pensive-looking Klaus…okay, he always looks a bit pensive, but I digress- as he got what appeared to be some game-changing news that didn’t bode well for his bedroom companion, the newly-returned Aurora (Rebecca Breeds). Before Klaus could go into attack mode, we did the flashback thing, to see how we’d arrived at that moment.

Shortly after a witch-enhanced pseudo-Skype-cum-drinking/bonding sesh between Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), the latter’s host body was promptly attacked by Aya (Tracy Ifeachor), presumably so that Sellers could go do promotional work for her gig in the latest upcoming “Star Wars” flick. I joke, of course, but Sellers’ loss was our gain, as it brought back the, ahem, original actress Claire Holt to the proceedings, which is always a welcome development.

Seeing as she has a side gig in the ongoing “Aquarius” series, it might be a brief return, but with all manner of actors tackling several TV and movie-related projects all at once these days, you never know. Still, if I had to wager a guess as to whom the most vulnerable of the main cast would be, I’d have to say it was her. Yes, Voelkel would be a valid choice as well, being a relative newbie to the proceedings, but it’s because she’s a relative newcomer that I don’t think they’ll bump her off just yet. Whatever the case, the “real” Rebekah was back, and there was much rejoicing amongst the fans. Yay!

This, naturally, set off alarms in her family, who scrambled to get a message to her and get her back to New Orleans, and thus, to safety, hopefully. Alas, Rebekah was stubbornly resistant, wanting to stay behind just long enough to get a potentially game-changing spell from a local witch in her area that could bring back Kol for real. This gambit cost her, as it turned out that it was a trap set by Aya, who was waiting for her when she arrived and white oak staked her, which would seem to indicate that Tristan needs her alive for some nefarious purpose, as of yet unexplained.

Fortunately for Team Originals, it seems that Aurora was none too happy with her brother’s betrayal of her in leaving her behind and heavily guarded, and chose to seemingly side with them instead. Hence, she pulled a double-cross in which, after Rebekah was subdued, she had her people take out the guards tasked with bringing Rebekah back to New Orleans and take hold of her body themselves, allegedly to bring her back to the Originals instead. While it remains to be seen if this is true, being as we saw Aurora’s men do so and she has every reason to hate her brother, as well as still love Klaus, for that matter, I do think she’s on the level in this case.

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Either way, it was enough to gain her a reprieve from the testy Klaus- for now. Likewise, Klaus himself did a solid job of regaining Aurora’s trust despite what he’d done to her and her family back in the day. Actually, I should say, despite what Elijah had done to her and her family, as it was actually Elijah who compelled her to tell Klaus to get lost after Klaus told him that it was he who killed their mother and set their father against them. Further, we discovered that Elijah had also compelled Tristan, Lucien and Aurora to believe they actually WERE the Mikaelsons for years, to the point that Mikael actually chased after them for some 100 years, thinking that they were his children. Whoops!

Though no one ever specified how the compulsion was ultimately lifted, for whatever reason, it did wear off and suddenly the three realized they’d been living a faux life all those years- years they would never get back. Needless to say, an extended life on the run did not sit well with them after realizing they’d all been duped, hence the revenge plot. However, taking out the Originals is easier said than done, so a considerable amount of planning had gone into it, some of which seems to involve a medallion, which I believe was called the Serratura.

To this end, Lucien kidnapped both Camille and Detective Will Kinney (Jason Dohring), and forced the former to look through her considerable stock of magical stuff to find said medallion, lest Lucien kill the both of them. Something good did come of it, however, in that it finally opened Kinney’s eyes to the fact that there were, in fact, vampires in New Orleans, and it was them who causing all of the current mischief, including the serial killings as of late, as well as the fact that Camille’s brother had been induced to commit his crimes, making him that much more sympathetic to her situation.

Alas, once Lucien had the medallion, he subsequently compelled Kinney not only to forget everything that had transpired, but to also never…quite…solve that serial killer case, despite his best efforts, and as a result, to consider himself a failure for the rest of his days. Lucien also compelled him to basically be living in fear of the things that lurk in the dark for the rest of his life to boot, and also told Cami he planned to do the same to her once her fail-safe vervain wore off. As this has yet to pass, perhaps there is still hope she might remember enough to give the Originals a heads-up, but we’ll see. Probably not, I’m guessing.


So, ultimately, Lucien and Tristan’s plot was a bit of a draw. Lucien got the medallion, but Tristan failed in obtaining Rebekah. As one assumes they need both, it would seem that they were ultimately only half-successful in their plot to overthrow the Mikaelsons once and for all. Also, we learned that the plan involves merely incapacitating them, not killing them, as to kill them would be to kill themselves, hence the teaming up between Lucien and Tristan. However, in order to do so, they’d have to get them all in the same place at the same time, and now they know that, so one assumes they won’t allow such a thing to happen very easily.

Except for the fact that, judging from next week’s promo, all of them WILL be under the same roof at one time in the next episode, it being a Thanksgiving-themed one. Though it seems unlikely that Tristan and Lucien will attempt to enact their plan sooner than later, especially with Rebekah out of the equation for now, you never know.

There is one last wrinkle, however, in that the hostage Shen Men, former torture expert for Genghis Khan (!), who attempted to take out Hayley and ended up being taken by her and Marcel for questioning, informed them that taking out Hayley was only a means to an end- who they really wanted was Davina, one assumes to perform the spell involving the medallion to incapacitate the Originals, as aforementioned.

So, given that Hayley was not taken out, and now knows that Tristan and Lucien are after Davina, one assumes that Hayley will give her a heads-up, thus causing another rift in their plan’s potential success. So, technically, two points to Mikaelson, one to Lucien and none to Tristan, who was double-crossed by his sister Aurora. Hell hath no fury and all that.

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I think that was all the main points of the episode. So, a bit of a set-up episode for things to come overall, but, as is typical of this show, they found a way to make an exposition-heavy plotline still relatively entertaining, by virtue of tossing in a healthy dose of action via the battles between Aya and Rebecca, with a solid assist from Freya; along with the smack-down between Hayley, Marcel and Shen, with a solid assist from Elijah in the clutch. My one complaint was that Shen could have been a potentially interesting foe, but he’s toast, by his own hand, no less, so I guess we’ll never know. Still, he was attention-grabbing while it lasted, so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Are you sold on the latest plot developments? Do you think that Lucien and Tristan will succeed in their scheme, or will the Mikaelsons get the better of them? Personally, I can see them succeeding to a limited degree in the short term, but having the more ancillary characters help the Mikaelsons in the clutch, when they most need it. In a way, that’s sort of always been the moral of the story- that even the most powerful vampires in the world need an assist now and again. We shall see. Until then, make your predictions down below, and see you next week for the big Thanksgiving episode!