The Amazing Race “Krakow, I’m Gonna Get You” Review (Season 27 Episode 8)

THE AMAZING RACE Krakow, I'm Gonna Get You

Several times over the years, The Amazing Race has been able to put together a quick tribute to a recent tragedy in a city that they’ve visited. Unfortunately, the terrible attacks in Paris today were too recent to make the cut in this episode, even though Paris is a city that the Race has visited several times over the years. As we go now into the details of this week’s episode, let’s make sure to keep all of the friends and families of today’s victims in our thoughts and prayers. The Amazing Race has always served as a great tool to educate the American people about the culture of these countries all over the world, including Paris, so in some ways it’s a very appropriate show to enjoy on this day.

Anyway, “Krakow, I’m Gonna Get You” took the teams to…well…Krakow, obviously. However, instead of running to the airport or the nearest travel agent to secure their tickets, they had to force in some product placement and force everybody to buy their tickets on an app. Look, I know that they’ve got to pay the piper and get their money from somewhere, but it sucks when it’s done to sacrifice the excitement of the show. A huge part of The Amazing Race revolves around the “Travel Fu” portion of it, where they ask around for the best flight and try different agents to see who can get them the best deal. They always show the travel agent typing away on their computer and everything. All of that excitement goes right out the window when you just show somebody swiping through an app. Lame.

The detour was a nice split between a manual labor challenge and a “tip begging” challenge. The mining one wasn’t too interesting or exciting, and it didn’t really lend itself to any strategy or anything, but the tip begging one really did. I was definitely surprised how poorly Tiffany and Krista were doing, considering the perky cheerleader of it all, but apparently people don’t want to tip somebody who’s desperate and close to tears. Thankfully Tiffany stepped in with some cheeriness and cheek kisses and earned some money, and I loved their performing partner calling them “crazy girls” as they ran off.

I always love it when the Race finds the opportunity to slow down and have the teams reflect on more important things, and that was the case this week as the teams visited the Oskar Shindler factory. It was definitely a powerful moment, especially for The Green Team, and it was nice for everybody to have this moment. I would say that my only criticism is that it was a bit jarring to jump back and forth from the fast paced racing footage back to the hard hitting Schindler footage.

The episode overall felt the same as several episodes this season. You knew just what was going to happen going in. Green Team wins again, and Team Texas was losing the whole time. I was hoping that they would just put Team Texas out of their misery and send them home, but we got yet another non elimination leg. Between the “non eliminations” and “keep racing” legs, I feel like we’ve had more episodes of people not going home then episodes where they do. This whole season has had two serious problems: Stupid contestants and a lack of suspense. I really hope they can fix this for next season.

Random Thoughts:

– I bet those salt miners were pretty pumped to get a few of those carts filled up with free labor.

– At first I thought 100 zloty was a lot to ask for in tips, but when I looked it up I found out it’s only around $25 American. That couldn’t have been that hard to scare up!

– A bit of a funny coincidence that the week where they have a mining themed challenge is the same week when they’re advertising that Chilean miner movie “The 33”.