The Flash “Enter Zoom” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

After brief glimpses of the villainous speedster all season, The Flash finally brought Zoom from Earth-2 to torment Barry and tear down his world this week. It was a brutal beat down to end the episode on, marking a stunning end to “Enter Zoom” after a hit-or-miss hour.

Ultimately, The CW’s marketing hurt this one a bit. Though the episode opened with Dr. Light seemingly defeating Flash, the teasers for this week had already given away the reveal that Linda was playing the part. Admittedly, it wasn’t the biggest spoiler, but it did start the episode off with a lack of tension.

On the plus side, actress Malese Jow fared much better this week, asked to spend far more time as Linda than her evil counterpart. Jow is far more likable and believable as Linda than Dr. Light, and her training montage at STAR Labs was a highlight. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing her take up the Light moniker as a hero down the road, even if the show is already looking to be full of speedsters soon.

What Linda should never become is an actress, and the same goes for Barry. Because, wow, that scene of the two of them fighting was pretty painful. Yes, part of the joke was how bad they were at play-acting, but one would think they’d put in more effort given what was at stake. It’s really no surprise Zoom saw through the ruse, and the goofiness of it all undercut the emotions that had been driving Barry to confront Zoom in the first place.

That said, Zoom himself brought the show to new heights as he and the Flash battled it out at STAR Labs. Their first fight took a lot of cues from Barry’s battle with Reverse-Flash, including the race around the rooftop, but ended in a much rougher outcome for Barry. Zoom didn’t just defeat him, he absolutely broke him. This led to Zoom showing the entire city their fallen idol in a whirlwind tour, and though Zoom was ultimately chased off, Barry was left unable to feel his legs at episode’s end.

With all the superhero drama going on, we also got a chance to learn a bit more about Harry, as Cisco finally managed to vibe on him. The flashbacks to Earth-2 didn’t give us too much new information on Harry, other than that he truly loves his daughter – and likes to foreshadow her potential speedster name – but it helped Cisco understand that, while Harry is an egotistical, abrasive jerk, he has genuine reason for being as driven as he is.

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