Survivor “You Call, We’ll Haul” Review (Season 31, Episode 8)

Survivor You Call, We'll Haul

Survivor returned tonight with “You Call, We Haul”, and the episode is a rare installment to forego the “blue view” opening scene and instead skipped to the next morning. Not too much to see here, other than Stephen talking to Ciera about making a big move. Everybody likes to talk about doing this, but Stephen has some serious history with this issue. He didn’t get the golden boy out of his season and it cost him a unanimous vote in the final two. We’ll see if he actually goes through with it!

The reward challenge was a very basic paddling challenge that I feel like we’ve seen a million times. The best part of the challenge, surprisingly, was the reward itself! It’s very rare that the reward footage is ever anything other than the teams happily chomping on whatever food Jeff has prepared for them, but this one had a great little clip of Keith driving around the rest of his team on a Tuk-Tuk! This was not only hilarious, but a great opportunity for the Survivor cameramen to show off the beautiful Cambodian beachside. I do have my doubts that this little escapade was 100% spontaneous, though. I’m not sure how they were able to get such great aerial shots of the joyride if there was no way to see it coming, and I would hope that Keith would have asked somebody if he could ride their vehicle around before hopping on it all willy-nilly.

It’s a little rich for Stephen to be saying that he only lost his season because of a reward challenge. You can bond outside of reward challenge, Stephen! Also, you really lost because JT wanted to bring you to the end knowing that nobody would vote for you over him.

Unfortunately for Stephen, his plans are thrown out the window when Joe wins the immunity challenge. This sets off a firestorm of pre-tribal scramble where a bunch of names are thrown around, including Ciera, Wentworth, Savage, and Stephen. However, everything went a little crazy when we actually got to tribal.

Seriously, is there anything more satisfying in all of television than a successfully played immunity idol? Seeing all of those votes get read and then thrown out, and then waiting to see the name of the unlucky person going home, is just the best thing ever. Seeing the crestfallen faces of all of the people who are getting their game blown up is just a thing of beauty, and I loved this so darn much. All this really did was just prolong Wentworth and Ciera in this game for a bit, because you’ve got think that now everybody is too pissed to want to work with them in the future. Especially considering how smug and cruel Wentworth was being about it. I guess we’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– Abi usually does bother me, but it cracked me up when Stephen was whining about losing the challenge and Abi immediately shut him up with “get over it.”

– Do you think Jeff is intentionally making ball jokes? “One ball is tough, two is definitely more than twice as hard.” It’s like Jeff has a little Tobias Funke in him.

– Joe is a ridiculous challenge threat, man. If this guy does stay in the game for a little while, he definitely has a shot at the single season challenge win record.