NCIS: LA “An Unlocked Mind” Review (Season 7, Episode 7)

NCIS: LOS ANGELES An Unlocked Mind

When I saw the previews for “An Unlocked Mind” last week, I rolled my eyes and thought, ugh a cult episode. I was pleasantly surprised with the end result however. Moreover, the outing resonated more with all the new information about Scientology being revealed by Leah Remini’s book Troublemaker and the HBO documentary Going Clear.

Until Scientology was outright mentioned by Callen I actually thought The Church of the Unlocked Mind was going to be the show’s version of it. And perhaps because I’ve been seeing stories regarding Leah Remini’s experience everywhere, the usual clichés and tropes that come with procedurals doing a “cult episode” didn’t bother me (instead feeling all too real). Sebastian Roche was a fine choice as their leader (though I wish he would have been given more to do). Lauren Bowles is always able to tap into that wacky center and was perfect as Kensi’s “guide.” All the tests involved were sufficiently creepy and unnerving with the actors playing the “zen” shtick just below being over the top. I don’t think NCIS necessarily needed to be involved in extracting David (versus only the FBI), but it ended up making for a tense episode that exceeded my expectations.

More Thoughts As I Work On My Iliac Crest

– Out of the numerous terrible things we saw The Church of the Unlocked Mind do the one that made me most uncomfortable was Lee and Bowles’ character attempt to sexually assault a drugged Kensi.

– Nice moment with Deeks going all Batman/”pick your superhero with awesome fighting abilities” on the Unlocked Mind guys.

– Speaking of the iliac crest, that whole scene was a failure in my book. Forced humor that was completely unnecessary. When the comedy works on this show, IT WORKS. But when it doesn’t… OY VEY.

– Just visually, the idea of Nell threatening Sam is hilarious. I’m sure that’s what the writers were going for, and it worked, because I was laughing at the mental picture in my head.

– Granger Watch: This was another outing where I thought Miguel Ferrer was given more to work with (in Granger standing his ground against the Feds), and I approve.

– Next week: The arrest of Deeks- I’m guessing it revolves around the former LAPD partner of his. Do you think it will play into what Deeks mentioned to Kensi last week? That he’d lie for her if she killed someone, if she did it for the right reasons. Did Deeks kill his former partner for the right reasons? Or did he and the partner kill someone else for the right reasons?