Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Chaos Theory” Review (Season 3 Episode 7)

Agents of SHIELD Chaos Theory

Agents of SHIELD is walking on very thin ice these days. After last week’s big reveal that Dr. Garner was actually Lash, “Chaos Theory” had a lot of explaining to do. Now don’t get me wrong: I loved last week’s shocking revelation! However, this isn’t exactly uncharted territory for this show. We’ve already done the whole “One member of our team ended up being a bad guy the whole time” thing just a couple years ago with Ward, so they had to make sure they didn’t rehash the same storyline all over again.

They also had to explain exactly how this double cross worked. As soon as Ward revealed he was Hydra, you had to take a second look at everything he’d done on the show up until then. You had to examine his relationships, his decisions, and all of the choices he had made up until that point and you had to make sure that they all tracked with the new truth that we learned. If nothing he’d said or done made sense for a Hydra double agent, then you wouldn’t buy it. All of that is the same for Andrew. We need to make sure that this reveal actually rings true, and that’s going to be hard for them to pull off.

We also have a lot of questions still unanswered. When did he become Lash? Why is he killing people? Does he have control over his actions? Well, a lot of that was answered tonight. It does help to know that Garner only recently became Lash in the hiatus between seasons two and three. It would have been really hard for them to try to pretend that he was an Inhuman killing monster the whole time, so at least he’s only been secretly evil for 7 episodes. I’m not really sure I fully understand or believe his whole “code” thing, though. Even after everybody finds out who he is, he still tries to pretend that he’s only ever killed Inhumans that “deserve it”. I don’t know if it’s just Lash getting to his head or something, but this is simply not true. We’ve seen him go for nice Inhumans, regular humans, and he went for Lincoln for the second time tonight claiming that he has a “dark side”. What dark side? This dude is just lying to himself to justify his own terrible actions, so it makes it a little harder to root for him to get better if he’s totally off his rocker. I would have liked if he had a more legitimate reason to go after Inhumans instead of just having a generic “urge” that was caused by his transformation.

In non-Lash news, we got a little more movement on Simmons and her quest for Will. Fitz finally getting to see Simmons’ videos was great, and Iain De Caestecker continues to be one of the best actors on the show. It was also interesting that his new theory is that Will wasn’t actually sent there by NASA, but that he might have actually been a part of that ancient organization that we saw in a flashback a few weeks ago.

This show is really on a roll recently, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Random Thoughts:

– So is super-fast healing one of Garner/Lash’s powers? Garner was supposed to be in an explosion just a couple days ago, and he doesn’t have a scratch on him! Wouldn’t somebody at SHIELD be a little bit concerned about this incredibly quick turnaround?

– Did we know that Jiaying kept this ledger with every Inhuman in it? Was that introduced before tonight? It seemed like a pretty convenient thing to introduce now so the whole team can figure out Andrew is Lash in about 5 seconds.

– How about Lincoln going full on Dragonball Z with that lightning ball blast?!