Gotham “Tonight’s the Night” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)


On the latest episode of “Gotham,” wedding bells were in the air- but not the kind anyone in their right mind would want to hear, in “Tonight’s the Night.” Of course, this was Barbara we’re talking about, so it’s safe to say she wasn’t in her right mind in the first place, as evidenced by that batty dream sequence that opened the episode- pun definitely intended. From the bird flying out of her mouth, apropos of nothing, to the lunatics that held a gun to her head as she was forced to watch Jim and Lee get married instead, as she struggled in a straight-jacket, this was pretty bizarre stuff.

Of course, this is “Gotham” we’re talking about, where crazy has become the norm, so I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected. It didn’t get much better from there, as Theo Galavan told Barbara is was high time for her wish to be granted in earnest, which is to say, it was time to take out the ex, for good, and I don’t mean out to lunch. Although a trip to the chapel was indeed in order, as it turned out. But this was one wedding Barbara should have taken the nightmare hint from and avoided like the plague.

Gotham 2

Although she did manage to the dupe Gordon into walking right into an ambush, where her people crashed into Bullock and Gordon, took out a bunch of cops and absconded with Jim to the aforementioned chapel. It probably would have gone as planned if it hadn’t been for one thing: Bullock survived the attack.

Puzzling out what Barbara had planned from her cryptic statements on the way, he reported back to Captain Barnes and they headed towards the church just in time to assist Gordon in defeating the threat at hand, though he had already gotten free from his restraints by then and saved Dr. Thompkins from her seemingly imminent demise.

Alas, he could not quite save Barbara from a near-death experience, as she ended up going out a window and falling to her doom. She didn’t die, but she came mighty close. I’d say it would lead to the Oracle, but given that Barbara is a complete nutter, and not exactly a force for good, it’s hard to say. Maybe the experience will change her for the better.

There is a version of Oracle that involves the Suicide Squad, so that could be a way into that plotline if they still are thinking of going there, but this effectively ensures that Barbara is neither going to end up as Batgirl, much less Harley Quinn, which was what I was hoping for once upon a time. Oh well.

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Still, you never know. “Gotham” is certainly marching to the beat of its own funky drummer, so who knows where all this might be leading? Factor in that the episode ended with Theo Galavan finally being taken into custody- and right before he’d almost duped Bruce Wayne into signing over his entire company- and I’m legitimately unsure of where anything is headed at this point.

Sure, Tigress is still out there, albeit injured, as Gordon got off a shot into her shoulder during the church siege, and so is that mysterious priest (and Silver, although her cover is presumably blown along with Theo’s), but clearly reinforcements are going to be needed, and soon, as Galavan’s plan has effectively been stopped dead in its tracks.

Really, the only major villains left standing are the Penguin and Ed Nygma, who look to figure heavily in next week’s episode, but at this point, they’re the only ones left in this supposed “Rise of the Villains,” and neither one of them is exactly in good shape when we last see them.

Penguin was looking pretty rough, and Ed was obviously just this shy of completely going off the deep end, having seemingly taken out yet another innocent bystander who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, maybe Kringle’s former boyfriend wasn’t exactly innocent, per se, but he didn’t deserve to die, either. Whatever the case, who knows what he and Penguin will get up to together?

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That was about it for this week, but it does make for an interesting place to leave things, what with the villains all in such disarray at the moment, and the primary issues all taken care of, in terms of the bad guys. I suppose it’s possible Tigress will try and bust her brother out of jail, probably with an assist from the priest’s people, but certainly Barbara is out of commission for the foreseeable future, as is Theo for the time being.

I’m not sure what the Penguin and the would-be Riddler are going to get up to, but they’re going to need a lot more people on their sides than they have at the moment to accomplish anything major, that’s for sure. Good luck with that.

All in all, a decent episode that had its moments, but maybe wasn’t as crazy as the majority of episodes this season, which is saying something, given that opening. Normally, an episode that begins with a bird flying out of someone’s mouth would be pretty impressive, but stacked up against all the insane goings-on this season, it’s actually not that major in the grand scale of things.

But it does at least put the show at a sort of crossroads that will be interesting to see where it goes from here. I’m certainly game, as this has been nothing if not a really enjoyable, highly improved second season thus far.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Sorry to see Barbara go, or was it long overdue? Do you think she’ll be back as the Oracle? Is Theo only down but not out? Will Tigress avenge him? What will the Penguin and Ed get up to? Where does the show go from here? Sound off with your predictions down below and see you next week!