Castle “Cool Guys” Review (Season 8 Episode 6)

Castle Cool Boys

You know we are in for a crazy adventure when Castle looks anxious and scared. So scared, Martha has to help him out when Detective Slaughter comes to visit in this latest episode of Castle entitled “Cool Boys.” Rick can’t help himself though when he hears that Slaughter has plenty of crime stories he wants to share. Without Beckett around (she’s out of town for work) it was also a given there would be trouble ahead for our goofy PI! Firefly fans are sure to appreciate this episode with Slaughter’s return. He’s played by Adam Baldwin, a former co-star of Nathan Fillion’s in the beloved series.

Slaughter is looking for Rick’s help in solving the theft of a million-dollar microchip from a high-tech, robbery-proof office facility. There is no way that this wasn’t going to align with Espo and Ryan’s latest case. But who would have guessed so much so that Slaughter would turn up the #1 suspect.

This week’s case involved a man who turns up dead with a knife in this neck. Oh, it was a bloody scene! The last person he called was Slaughter, who the vic was digging up dirt for. Now Espo and Ryan have to deal with yet another murder, and a crazy Castle and Slaughter to boot. Things get worse when Slaughter’s prints turn up on the murder weapon and it becomes Castle’s job to determine whether he’s guilty or innocent while he’s on the run with Slaughter. Watching him try to avoid Espo and Ryan was a refreshing twist. Usually he’s trailing the two! Rick’s life on the lamb was not only entertaining, but we got to see a softer side of Slaughter when we learned about his former wife. His advice to Rick was much needed and very wise. In the end, Slaughter was determined innocent after the guys discover the killer is a man who runs an organization for underprivileged youth.

Are you ready for Beckett to come home?