Agent X “Pilot/The Enemy of My Enemy” Review (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2) [Debut]

Agent X Pilot

The new TNT drama Agent X debuted last night, kicking off with two action-packed episodes filled with lots of gunfights and hand-to-hand combat.

The show focuses on newly elected Natalie Maccabee, the first female Vice President, who quickly learned that her role as second-in-charge of the United States of America come with one very special purpose: as VP she is in charge of “an agent of unknown origin” who is deployed to handle issues of dire peril when traditional law and the government are not in a position to help.

That agent is John Case, a highly-trained operative who is very much like James Bond without the designer suits and a little like MacGyver, making up ways to escape on the fly.

In the pilot episode, Case in attempting to track down an international criminal named Nicholas Volker – who will obviously serve as the “big bad” throughout the show’s entire first season. Volker is about as nasty as they come and seemingly has plenty of people willing to die in his place. I have to say that after watching the first two episodes, I really hope that Case does track this villain down because he is loathsome.

While on his manhunt to catch Volker, Case discovered a supposed victim – a young Siberian farm girl named Olga, who turned out to be anything but innocent. Olga started as a circus performer, who ended up bedding some of the worst of the worst. It was made clear that she was a criminal too; however by the second episode where Olga was rescued by Case before one of Volker’s men could take her out, she ended up being a valuable ally to him. So much so that Case let go rather than returning her to the federal prison that she went to great pains to escape from.

Despite Case letting her go, it was clear – at least to me – that viewers have not seen the last of Olga; and that she will continue to play a part in the life or death missions for which Case is assigned at the will of the Vice President.

Speaking of the Vice President, film star Sharon Stone takes on her first TV role in over 25 years as a former senator who lost her husband in a tragic car accident. Seeing her relive the moment that her husband (played by Kyle Secor from Veronica Mars and Homicide: Life on the Street) perished via an unsettling nightmare gave on a glimpse into the dark side to her character’s past. I am sure the circumstances behind that accident will play out more as the season rolls out.

Then there is Malcolm Millar, who is much more than the steward of the Vice President’s private residence. He is the anchor of the ‘Agent X’ program, overseeing every little nuance and even putting himself in the line of fire when John’s identity is nearly revealed. There is obviously way more to Malcolm than meets the eye; and it was be very interesting to see how his backstory is explained.

All in all the premise for ‘Agent X’ may seem a bit silly or even trite, but I will come back for me because I am intrigued about all three of the main characters. I am also loving that John Shea is back on the small screen and portraying the President of the United States.

What did you think of the two-hour series premiere of ‘Agent X’? Please share your thoughts below.

The next episode of the debut season of ‘Agent X’ will air on TNT on Sunday, November 15 at 9/8c.

Jeff Hephner as John Case
Sharon Stone as Vice President Natalie Maccabee
Gerald McRaney as Malcolm Millar
Jamey Sheridan as FBI Director Stanton
John Shea as President Thomas Eckhart

Guest Stars (Pilot Episode):
James Earl Jones as Chief Justice
Geoffrey Blake as Gray Cromwell
Olga Fonda as Olga Petrovka
Andrew Howard as Nicholas Volker

Guest Stars (Second Episode):
Geoffrey Blake as Gray Cromwell
Olga Fonda as Olga Petrovka
Andrew Howard as Nicholas Volker
Mark Harelik as Bullock
Alon Aboutboul as Malik Ahmad