NCIS: LA “Unspoken” Review (Season 7, Episode 6)

NCIS: LA "Unspoken"

“Unspoken” did something I’d like to see NCIS: LA do more often. Not only did the plot focus on one character, but the majority of the episode consisted of interactions of that character with the main guest star. It’s the first outing in a long time I can remember doing this, and it made for a stronger story. The remaining lead cast helped and aided only when necessary leaving the bulk of the action to Sam and Mark Ruiz (Anthony Ruivivar). I wish the writers would have added more shades of gray to Sam’s former partner, but his appearance being one episode only basically dictates that his struggles be resolved easily. It’s too bad because Ruivivar (Banshee, Southland) is an adept enough actor who could handle darker material.

That being said, the plot was tight in dealing with Sam and Mark’s various situations. I was also surprised the first antagonist, Ramon Santos, was disposed of so quickly. Santos, along with Diego and Isko, were third-tier villains, but then again, the focus wasn’t on them really. Everything concerned Sam and Mark, which I thought was handled quite well. If Ruivivar is brought back though, I’d love to see his Mark be tested by his past addictions again. And that tug of war of loyalty and honesty could parallel Sam’s relationship with Callen especially if the latter turns all secretive again in searching for his father.

More Thoughts As I Use the Last of the Protein Powder

– Deeks said he’d cover for Kensi, even if she murdered someone, if it was done for the right reasons. Could that line be hinting at whatever happened between him and his former partner and why the LAPD is investigating him?

– Hey, Granger actually did some stuff this time other than standing around and telling the team what to do! Full disclosure, I’m a fan of Granger (and especially of Miguel Ferrer) and think he deserves more to do along the lines of what he was given here.

– This season so far has been light on Linda Hunt. I’m not sure why and hope it’s not health-related (she is 70 now).

– Bets on what the last episode before the break will focus on? Callen’s search for his father? The mole? Or the LAPD investigation into Deeks?