Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Among Us Hide…” Review (Season 3 Episode 6)

Agents of SHIELD  Among Us Hide

The Marvel Universe has always had a problem with making deaths stick, and that definitely seemed apparent at the opening of tonight’s Agents of SHIELD. We’ve had tons of fake out deaths from Bucky Barnes, Nick Fury, and of course the star of our show: Phil Coulson. It’s also happened already on this show, with Fitz, Simmons, and a few others being basically dead before making their miraculous recovery. That’s why Andrew’s survival was totally predictable, and it was really starting to bug me. I figured that since we didn’t actually see him die, he would probably survive but he would possibly be incapacitated in some way. I thought maybe seeing her ex-husband clinging on to his life on his death bed would be what pushed May back out into the field, but the dude was walking and talking with barely a scratch on him! I didn’t even know why they would bother with the feint if it was only going to kill off a nameless SHIELD agent.

That’s why the big reveal here totally blindsided me. I was completely prepared to be down on this stupid fake out and tear it apart in my review, but I loved this twist. It’s not very often that I don’t see a twist coming on shows like this, but that was definitely the case here. I had the same theory that the other members of the team had, thinking it might have been Banks, but that turned out to have been a perfectly placed red herring. This was an awesome new wrinkle to the show and a great way to make an otherwise boring character way more interesting.

It was a little rich for May to accuse Hunter of going after Ward for revenge, though. Isn’t that 99% of the reason that she was going for him? Because they were romantically entangled and then he betrayed them? It was totally corny when Coulson asked if May’s back and we have that super dramatic zoom-in leading in to her line “I’m back”, but it was an awesome moment for her so I was fine with it.

Everything else was great tonight as well. After totally blowing the Ward mission, Hunter gets benched and moped around the base a bit before he joins Daisy and Mac on a mission. At first all they did was prove that Banks wasn’t Lash, which we obviously learned by ourselves anyway, but then they all got a good look at the ATCU base for themselves. This was a great way to flesh out the ATCU a bit more and also humanize Rosalind, as we found out that they’re attempting to protect these new Inhumans from hurting themselves or others, which makes them seem more like the good guys as opposed to the bad guys we’ve thought.

It’s a little annoying that Daisy seems so quick to judge Coulson for simply being there and watching the ATCU unload that guy in the cube. I don’t know what she expects for him to do? Does she need him to be jumping up and down and screaming in protest? Maybe she should talk to him about what she saw or ask him what he told Rosalind instead of immediately getting all judgey about it.

With that small quibble aside, this was a great episode and an awesome way to get back into the main storylines after last week’s great tangent.

Random Thoughts:

– I loved Daisy’s nickname for Hunter. I hope “Gitmo” sticks in future episodes, likes “Tremors” appears to have done.

– I’m not sure I totally buy Simmons and Andrew trading their war stories about their traumatic experiences as if they are anything alike. One of them is complaining that he was near an explosion that seemed to barely injure him, and one of them was stranded on a hellish planet with little food or water for three months.

– What was up with Fitz dreamily looking in to the camera during his video chat with Bobbi and May?