Gotham “Mommy’s Little Monster” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)

Gotham 2

And the crazy keeps coming on “Gotham,” and you gotta love ‘em for it. In “Mommy’s Little Monster,” I wasn’t entirely unconvinced that the show might not just wipe out another iconic villain in The Penguin, and though, thankfully, they did not go there, they certainly came mighty close. (Although, to be fair, though most had accepted as fact that Cameron Monaghan was destined to be The Joker, he never technically got there, so calling him an “iconic villain” might be a stretch, admittedly, since Jerome was actually just a lunatic that happened to have a Joker-like laugh, meaning that the show-runners kind of punked the audience, if you think about it.)

The Penguin did, however, get himself winged, as it were, if you’ll pardon the pun, when the Tigress put one in his shoulder from her perch atop the building where Galavan’s gala was being held, but managed to escape by the skin of his beak. Tigress was in rare form this week, also killing someone by stiletto heel at one point, which was kind of awesome in an Argento circa-“Tenebrae” sort of way. I kinda love her character and find her strangely arousing despite her psychotic tendencies, which probably speaks volumes about the kind of girl I’m attracted to, and me in general, but I digress.

The fun began with Butch leading Penguin to where his mother was being held, only to realize that it was a trap, and that Tigress had managed to deprogram Butch’s brainwashing and he was now working for the enemy for real. Sadly, the episode’s major death came instead with Penguin’s mother (Carol Kane), who Galavan quite literally stabbed in the back, a move that would come back to haunt him in any number of ways, firstly when Penguin snagged said knife and attempted and almost succeeded in slitting Galavan’s throat.

Though he failed, it was enough to allow him to escape in wake of Galavan’s injury, despite the best attempts of his henchmen and Tabitha to shoot the Penguin as he waddled off into the night. Later, Penguin sent Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) to dispose of the betraying Butch, to no avail, as the cops had gotten there first and Gordon and Bullock were able to fend him and his Penguin peeps off with some serious automatic weaponry.


In the process, Gordon also discovered Penguin’s real source of misery and that Galavan was behind all the nefarious goings-on as of late. Alas, it was all too late, and Theo was holding a gala to celebrate his impending mayoral candidacy. Naturally, the Penguin, not one to let sleeping dogs lie, once again struck out at Galavan in wonderfully nutty fashion, sending literally a fleet of Penguins to infiltrate said function and shoot up the joint, with no one being able to spot the real deal beneath all the fake ones.

This allowed Penguin to sneak around and discover Theo’s escape route and confront him at said point, letting Gordon know what Galavan had done and why he should let him get rid of Theo while the getting was good. Naturally, Theo denied everything, but Gordon already knew the score and still refused to budge.

However, as aforementioned, Tabitha put a stop to Penguin anyway, and that was all she wrote for his latest attempt to exterminate the would-be Mayor. Of course, one good thing did come of it, in that Gordon knows the truth about Galavan now, who didn’t even try to deny it after the dust settled, leading Gordon to declare he was going after him, not the Penguin first. Needless to say, this is quite the interesting development, as I didn’t expect Gordon to figure out Galavan was dirty this soon. Such is how crazy this season has gotten, though.

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As ever, the body count was high on this episode, with untold amount of partygoers and cops taken out in the melee, including Martinez, another member of the strike force, plus that sniper guy, and, of course, Penguin’s mother to boot. Oh, and lest we think there might be hope for Miss Kringle, she was not only dead, but her hand ended up in a vending machine- under the letters “KK,” no less- while the rest of her took up residence in the morgue.

From the looks of it, by the end of the episode, Ed had fully embraced his “alter ego” self and fully committed to the dark side. He also very nearly had to eliminate Dr. Thompkins in the process, when she almost caught him with Kringle’s body at one point, but thankfully, that didn’t happen. This, of course, means that the Riddler can’t be far behind.

Gotham 3

Also edging ever-closer to the dark side is Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), who got a rude awakening when she ran afoul of Silver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn Lind), who finally showed her true colors this week by ably threatening Selina behind Bruce’s back, much to the her shock. It takes a lot to catch Selina off guard, but that certainly did it. I also loved her snippy comment to Alfred: “That smell really does slap you in the face, doesn’t it, Alfred?” Lol.

It seems that Cloud is indeed a chip off the old Galavan after all, not that I was particularly surprised by the revelation, admittedly. Well, maybe a little at the ferocity of her ugly side, but not so much that she was as dirty as her (adopted) old man. But whatever she’s up to with Bruce, it can’t end well- for either one of them.

That was about it for this week, but as ever, the show remains as nutty as ever, and all too happy to wipe out any number of innocent bystanders in the process, much less bad guys/girls. The body count on this season alone is impressive, and we’re only seven episodes in. It’s gotta be closing in on fifty, at least, right? Maybe even more than that, possibly. Color me impressed.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Did you halfway wonder if they were going to kill the Penguin as well? Were you surprised they did kill his mother? Who do you think will be next? How long before Gordon brings Galavan down? Or will he? What exactly is Galavan up to with Silver and Bruce? What will Selina do with the information she has on Silver’s real demeanor? Obviously Bruce wasn’t buying it, but might she go to Alfred? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!