Supergirl “Stronger Together” Review (Season 1 Episode 2)

Supergirl delivered another great episode this week, one that had far more room to breathe and develop its characters than the overstuffed pilot. Between the growing friendships between Kara and the rest of the supporting cast to the full-on Kryptonian battle that ended the hour, “Stronger Together” was a strong second outing that gave most everyone strong material to work with.

What I loved most about this episode is that it kept the overarching plot moving forward at a great clip. Instead of keeping Astra in the shadows for most of the season, this episode put her and Kara against each other almost immediately. It also served as a nice, small twist at the end of the hour, with the hellgrammite not serving as the main threat of the episode as might have been expected.

In fact, that final battle did a lot to develop the DEO team, as did this entire episode. Given that her inexperience was the main focus of the episode, it was important to see Kara fail to defeat her aunt, but she was still able to put up a solid fight thanks to the help of Alex killing the hellgrammite and Hank’s awesome Krypto-knife. There’s a sense that they’ll be able to work as a team moving forward, helping Kara improve her skills until she’s ready to truly battle Astra in a one-on-one fight.

James and Winn were also great this episode, serving as Kara’s support team as she worked on improving her skills and her image among the public. The crime-fighting montage was a lot of fun, and Kara introducing Winn and James to each other shows once again that she’s not the sort of hero that’s going to keep secrets from the people she loves and cares about. It’s this good-hearted nature that truly defines her heroism, and it’s great to see among a group of TV heroes that tend towards the darker side.

Finally, it’s worth noting the numerous bits of foreshadowing this episode did, introducing several elements that are certain to get explored further down the road. For one, the show made plenty more overt references to Superman himself, alongside namedrops of Perry White, Lois Lane, and the Daily Planet. We also got our first glimpse of DC character Maxwell Lord, while a brief moment at the end of the episode also set-up the more villainous, out-there side of Hank Henshaw, which I won’t spoil for anyone in the dark.

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