The Walking Dead “Here’s Not Here” Review (Season 6 Episode 4)

The Walking Dead Here's Not Here 2

The Walking Dead returned tonight after coming off of one of the most tumultuous weeks in its six season run. In offices, chat rooms, and comment sections all over the country, people have been asking the same question: Is Glenn really dead? It sure looked like he was being eaten alive, but is there a possibility that he might have escaped and slid under that dumpster. He wasn’t in the “In memoriam” section of Talking Dead, and Scott Gimple played coy in interviews when posed the question, so it certainly seems possible that Glenn really isn’t gone.

So with this question on everyone’s lips, “Here’s Not Here” began with just what you’d expect: A complete avoidance of the issue. You just know that The Walking Dead writers were giggling when they ended the last episode with (presumably) Glenn’s innards being ripped out of his chest, and then decided to make the next episode a flashback installment where we found out where Morgan has been.

In addition to the writers obvious attempts at trolling, the episode already got on my bad side from the very first moment I started it. For some reason, it really bugs me when shows have episodes over an hour and a half. If it’s a premiere episode or a finale, that’s one thing, but just shoving a 90-minute episode into the middle of a season just bugs me. Maybe it doesn’t bug you, and maybe you turn on your DVR and get all excited you have an extra 30 minutes of TV to watch, but it immediately puts me in a bad mood. I’m a busy guy with kids and other shows to watch/review. Gimme a break, AMC!

Anyway, I guess I should get to the actual content of the episode now, although there really isn’t a whole lot to say. We already knew that Morgan learned his bow staff prowess from a “friend”, and he basically went straight from the crazy and paranoid Morgan that we saw back in the standout season 3 episode “Clear” to showing up on this guy’s cabin. There wasn’t a very big journey here, and it was hard to tell how much time passed when he was clearing walkers and humans in the woods, but it sure didn’t seem long. He found this guy pretty quick, and from the moment you saw that this guy used a bow staff then you knew that he would be the “friend” that Morgan referenced. This kinda took a lot of the suspense out of the episode for me. Whenever we see a new face in The Walking Dead universe, it becomes an instant guessing game of who they are and what they want. Are they a rare good person in this twisted world, or are they going to snap and try to kill our characters first? Already knowing this guy was a good guy, and that he becomes friends with Morgan, made the whole thing a bit empty for me.

Don’t get me wrong, what was here was still very well made. The cinematography, the music, and the beautiful countryside vistas were all wonderfully handled. The performance by John Carroll Lynch as Morgan’s buddy Eastman was also handled very well, and of course Lennie James was awesome as always. It was just a little…boring. I just don’t know if this is what people watch The Walking Dead for. I’m not saying that they can never do something different, but I just don’t really go to this show looking for a slow and overlong character study. I’m not sure anybody else does, either.

If you’re going to devote a rare mid-season 90 minute episode to just showing us what happened to one character, then at least show us something new and interesting. There’s nothing here that I couldn’t have already figured out. Or, I could have had a 30 minute intro to the show that shows Morgan finding Eastman, training with the staff, and becoming sane again. I just don’t know if this whole episode needed to happen, and especially not when we’re coming off of a huge cliffhanger and a giant question mark regarding the fate of a fan favorite character.

I assumed from the very first scene that the person Morgan was talking to was that Wolf from the invasion that he kept alive. This also bugged me for many reasons. First of all, it’s irritating that he kept this guy alive at all after what he did. Second, it’s strange that he chose just to lock him up after finding out that he’s about to turn. What if some unsuspecting Alexandrian walks into that house and finds the walker? Third, the Wolf wasn’t emotionally affected or anything after hearing Morgan’s wonderful story. Maybe all of this episode would have been worth while if it was used to change the minds or hearts of the Wolves, but instead it all fell on deaf ears.

There’s a very strong possibility that people will disagree with me on this one, but even my wife yelled out halfway through the episode to voice her boredom and frustration. So that’s two of us already in agreement! I have a feeling that this is the episode that people will skip when re-watching this season on Netflix or DVD in a year or so.

What did you guys think? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I loved the point of view shot of Eastman saying “sorry” before thwacking Morgan in the face. Obviously the same thing that Morgan did to that Wolf in “JSS”.

– Wouldn’t the very first thing you do when locked in a cage be to try to open the door? Even if you know it’s probably not going to work, it’s just instinct, right?

– Why did Morgan not burn that kid he choked? Are we supposed to assume that he did burn him, and burning didn’t work, so he’s still walking around?