The Good Wife “Payback” Review (Season 7 Episode 5)


The Good Wife returned tonight with “Payback”, as Alicia and Lucca get their first case together. Jason Krause turns out to be a bit shadier than we thought and Eli gets fired and re-hired again! Busy episode!

The big new case of the episode was OK, if a little far-fetched. The whole idea of suing a school just because you didn’t get a job is a little silly. Sure, all of the other illegal things they were doing might be a reason, but it’s hard to believe that Lucca and Alicia would have seen that original argument as a valid reason to go into court. Sure, their brochure might say that 82% of their graduates find jobs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get a job. Maybe you’re terrible at job searching, or maybe you’re just part of the unlucky 18%! The rest of the stuff they found out was pretty interesting, and it was nice to see Christian Borle return for his fifth episode as Carter Schmidt, but the most interesting part was seeing the scary side of Jason Krause!

We haven’t really seen Jason do any of those hardcore “Kalinda-ish” investigator moves like roughing somebody up or stealing evidence, but he did both of those today! He was lying about who he was multiple times, and who knows what he did to that scam artist! It’s not really like Alicia to turn a blind eye to this kind of stuff, though. She already got blindsided last week with the news of his checkered past and his disbarring, and now she’s just letting him float by while doing who-knows-what to people and getting money from them. It’s kinda weird, but I really love Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal and he’s way more interesting than Kalinda has been for the past few years.

Howard and Cary’s feud took a very emotional turn tonight, which was not expected at all. This storyline has been used mostly for comedy so far, but I really loved seeing Howard actually show a bit of emotional vulnerability tonight. You can tell that the guy really legitimately cares about his profession, even though he’s been lazy for a few years now. Of course, Howard being Howard, he then totally messed it all up by milking it with the young associates.

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Random Thoughts:

– Is 15 minutes a new record in length of time before the credits sequence?

– I love all of those faceless people at the table during Howard and Cary’s mediation. How much do you get paid to sit still and not even

– Is it just me, or did Christian Borle look really pale tonight? I thought maybe it was just the room where the arbitration was taking place, but he still looked pale in the dean’s office.